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At their respective events, both ladies went the metallic route. Have a favorite?

Left: Poorna Patel At Hello Hall Of Fame Awards 2011
Right: Pratima Gaurav At Gucci Artisan Corner Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Placing the atrocity of the fabrics aside, the silhouettes are absolutely appalling on these gals! The gathering under the waist band on Poorana’s dress is really, very unflattering on her! And I can understand where Pratima was trying to go with the loose metalic-green-black-fancy-turned-casual feel of the oversized dress shirt with tacky earrings…oh wait…that’s not going anywhere, or maybe that’s all lost somewhere in the ocean of fabric in that dress; she should have belted that shirt; actually she should have just worn something else. :S

  2. Every time I’ve seen her, Pratima is missing the essential accessory – a *confident*, smile. She’s so pretty, but by pursing her lips in that way she looks like an embarrassed kid.


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