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Never Have I Ever, a show by Mindy Kaling featuring Poorna Jagannathan and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, debuted on Netflix this Monday. Poorna, who plays the mom and is a dermatoligist in the show, wears a mix of Indian and Western clothes. What was exciting to me was spotting her wear the Payal Khandwala and Anita Dongre and of course, the saris.

Have you watched the show?

P.S. I think that is an Anita Dongre on Richa below but need to confirm.

Poorna Jagannathan in Payal Khandwala

Poorna Jagannathan in Anita Dongre

Poorna Jagannathan, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Richa Moorjani

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. a) That’s NOT what the show is about. And b) not everything needs to be disrupted for effect. Millions of Indian Americans wear Indian clothes routinely.

  2. I loved the show. All characters as well their delivery makes them more of a caricature baring that Paxton guy, he is just a breeze. But still a fun light hearted comedy.

    Though I loved that you posted about it. But now I am scared that hope it doesn’t become a hoarding for Indian fashion designers. Not because they aren’t cool but coz the over curation may harm the shows vibe.

  3. I don’t like the way Indian fashion is depicted by foreign made indian shows.. I feel the styling isn’t good. Like fitted blouses, sloppy saree drapes and gypsy style portrayal of Indian outfits on international shows takes a lot away from the nativity. My American(non-brown) friends often style their Kurtis or sarees(which came as gifts) in a very tribalish way if you know what I mean.. I guess they get influenced by these fashion portrayals..

  4. The show is awful. So cliche and typecast with OTT Indian aunties, which I believe is not quite the case. Infact the aunties I see in the state I live in are dressed very nicely and are quite sweet. The outfits in the show are pain awful, except for poorna. The cousin character (Kamala?) Wins the top honors in the miscast category :)) couldn’t survive beyond 3 episodes, never going back again.
    My humble review of the show and costumes!

    • I have not watched it but my 14 yr old son says his friends love it and identify with the show. Possibly, this is how youngsters in US see us *wails and hides under a blanket*

    • That totally depends on which part of Indian community you live in. Every community has its ghetto and they can come with lots of money and education. Try exploring some old Indian communities in US and you will find these aunties. They may dress and speak better than our moms in India but underneath are beyond regressive.

      But fashion I agree. Colors and draping look like they get inspired from those old calendar pictures of our gods.

  5. For those of us raised in the US in the late 80s and 90s…this show is a perfect depiction of our life. It might not resonate to people who grew up in India but are raising their kids now in the US. But this show is so much nostalgia for me.

  6. Poorna is a treat to watch in this light comedy .. she is so talented and I really liked the styling not too in your face .. entertaining show ., worth a watch


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