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Never Have I Ever’s final season is out and with it of course comes more sightings of Poorna (Nalini) in creations by Indian designers. Have a favorite? Mine would have to be the Kshitij and the cheery yellow Ikai kurta combo.

Sabyasachi (Photos by Jessica Brooks/Netflix)

Left: In Suket Dhir Pants
Right: In Kshitik Jalori

(Left Pic by Lara Solanki)

Photo Credit: PR Provided

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  1. How adorbs she looks in every single outfit!!! Love love love and esp like the comfort and effortless oomph she brings to each

  2. I think about after a 100 years I liked a Sabya outing.

    Poorna certainly scrubs up well! And doesnt hurt to see the Senthil accessory!

  3. Her outfits, like in all the other seasons, have been superb this time too. Maybe a tad bit more so.

    Her sarees weren’t draped well in the earlier seasons but she looks impeccable in the Sabya here. Love the color story and makeup!

    Loving the Suket Dhir one the best but each outfit is a lesson on acing easy breezy.

    The peach Ikai looked two sizes big on her in the show.

    Her pants, shirts and blouses looks in the show were stunning too – shades of chocolate, brown, rust, mouse, beige, cream. Love!

  4. Agree with all the comments, perfect outfits, and styling!
    Just my optical illusion or are those giant Black rubber chappals under the saree?

  5. She looks amazing in all the outfits! And the yellow Ikai is to die for! Absolutely love her impeccable style and the season finale was satisfying as well!


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