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Wearing Anita Dongre separates, both Pooja and Kajal took in the designer’s show at LFW. Though they both wear their outfits well, my vote goes to Kajal in the match-up. Not a fan of Pooja’s top. And besides, Kajal’s look just seems fresher in comparison.

Pooja Hegde (Left) And Kajal Aggarwal At Lakme Fashion Week

Pooja Hegde (Left) And Kajal Aggarwal At Lakme Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Well I believe it is going to be a matter of perception here. I like Pooja’s overall look more. I like the top that Pooja is wearing & that tree design at the back looks exquisite. Kajal’s top gives an unfinished vibe; like she has forgotten her dupattha. This kind of an ensemble required bigger hair where probably Pooja is falling short. Also, I do feel Kajal’s lovely smile makes most look pleasant to the eye even if the overall ensemble might not be gelling well.

  2. anu- here are some key words for you to google- objectification, treatment of women as property. we can talk once you ve done your homework : )

    Incase you are absolutely new to the concept- you ll notice how the word fresh is never used for any of the post for men’s wear. apparently, only us women can look fresh. its like magic isnt it?

    • c’mon…’fresh’ ALSO means ‘recent’, ‘different’, ‘new’ or ‘unique’, depending on context. it is not just the opposite of ‘stale’. and in no way is the blogger’s comment objectifying or disrespectful. they are not calling the women ‘fresh’ or stale. the exact statement is “Kajal’s look just seems fresher in comparison”.
      i understand and applaud your wish for more respectful, non-sexist language whilst talking about women, but this is overreaction. even if meant well.

  3. Priyas: I also googled patronising whilst at it!!!
    But no amount of googling is helping me understand how the word used in this context is intended as any of those things you are talking about. But then again maybe you can clearly tell from the other side of the screen that even as a woman I don’t necessarily understand or worse yet care about objectification, treatment of women as property or maybe As you can clearly tell am new to the ‘concept’. You must be right then! Peace out!!

  4. like Kajal’s look, well put together.
    I mainly like how the blouse fits so perfectly.

    ps: I tried multiple tailors in hyderabad but always have at least one wrinkle on the blouse, anybody in hyd who can share good tailor details pls.


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