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It was a red Versace again for the lone lady (Priyanka) on GQ India’s Men Of The Year edition. Got a preference? We sure do! Don’t know what we hate more: Priyanka’s silly pose (and bad styling) or the fact that Aamir looks like they just morphed a Ghajini pic of his on someone else.

P.S. Since we couldn’t find a big pic of the full cover, had to juxtapose from two different images. Catch the smaller pic inside for the actual cover.

GQ India Oct 2010


GQ India Oct 2009

GQ India Oct 2010

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  1. Priyanka’s pose is so characteristic of her that I’m wondering if the art director/photographer had any creative input at all during the shoot. But then again, sticking to the unimaginative red-dress-in-a-sea-of-black-suits theme shows the extent of the thought processes that go into these shoots.
    Agree with the poster above me, PC’s pose is completely Playboy. Aamir Khan does not look recognizable even; his eyes look like a bad Picasso painting.
    – Abhishek Bachhhan looks like he has a really bad attitude.
    – KJo with those silly poser nerdy glasses: really? I mean…
    – Ranbir Kapoor does NOT look bad*ss. He just looks scruffy and unkempt.
    – I could go on. *Sigh…
    PS – Glad to see Narayana Murthy on here!

    • ranbir looks like a mess, kjo always wears nerdy poser glasses, abhishek bachan’s like, “why is she holding her bum?”, hrithik roshan makes the list?? what for?, saif looks like he’s going to get dumped by kareena very soon, katrina looks random…almost like they cut and paste her from the singh is king posters. where is rahul gandhi? sachin pilot <3

  2. ewww..Priyanka looks cheap..esp when compared to Katrina who complements the poster
    And I love that they included Narayan Murthy!
    Aamir’s face has either been shoplifted way too much, for no apparent reason!
    And Ranbir looks vague! Like he’s been told to keep a look but even he’s not convinced with it!

  3. arjun rampal is the only one looking half decent here – barring the non celebs, they can be chopras tummy looks weird..the part below the bust on the left..bad photoshopping?

  4. priyanka looks like an unrequired prop…god pls help her! the whole cover looks bad. i wonder who the directed this shoot! fuuniest are the two oldest men…how could they not see it while shooting that it aint working!

  5. some how 2010 cover shows the only men of the yr that r available in India comes from Bw. except for Nmurthi, and another person, whose name i dont know, i dont find anyone else from BW.maybe they should have renamed it as GQ BW men of the yr. sad

  6. Are Bollywood women the only ones good enough for GQ? There are so many classy, elegant women who can make it to the cover page, but no, as usual, we will have a bunch of wannabes with bad styling and horrible expressions. And notice, out of 15 people , 7 from Bollywood.

  7. karan johar stole amitabh’s glasses this year, did he?

    this photo shoot is just too tacky for words. i’d expect better from GQ, but this *is* GQ INDIA. they cant seem to graduate from the film-fare school of photography.

  8. PC seriously needs help .. she’s taking this Bollywood actress thing a little too far… Yes, we know, part of your job is to dress OTT, do these latkas and jhatkas and even shed some clothes sometimes, but there’s nothing wrong in dressing elegant for a change and NOT attracting attention to your body..That playboy pose comment is spot on! And that is NOT A GOOD THING at all!!


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