Bag Spotting

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Spotted socialite Pinky Reddy with an orange Dior Cannage hobo at a recent event…

On an aside, wish she hadn’t worn a lip-liner that was much darker than the actual lip color… that’s such a major no-no!


Left And Centre: Pinky Reddy At Jade Store Launch
Right: Dior Shrunken Cannage Hobo

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. arggh being a socialite and all, wouldn’t she notice how disastrous her lips are? Seriously, these ‘socialites’ spend tons of money on clothes and accessories, but can’t be bothered to buy quality makeup or even learn how to do their makeup? tsk tsk

  2. what a bad dresser and those lips. I just can’t get over that she didn’t realise that it doesn’t look good. OMG. WThEYYY moment….

  3. Someone please tell me – do socialites think flaunting a piece of ultra expensive out-of-reach-of-normal-mortals accessory or bauble is enough to make people not notice their outfits or makeup or hair?? Stylist needed here too please!!
    On an aside, despite this being Dior, the bag isn’t doing anythin for me… I normal or is this a premonition of approachin social death??

  4. OMG pinky reddy on HHC!!! I know her she is one of the most loaded ladies of HYD. She will probably be celebrating her debut on HHC.


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