In Urvashi Joneja


Pernia co-hosted the launch party of Dandelion, a sleepwear label, tonight wearing Urvashi Joneja jacket and pants that are also stocked at her e-commerce store.

Instead of going safe and wearing a regular tip, she added a sexy twist to the look by wearing the separates with a crop top. In some pics, she was also spotted with a lariat necklace which I wish she’d kept on because I really liked it. Not that she didn’t look good without it either.

You can buy the jacket and pants at Pernia’s PopUp Shop here & here.


Pernia Qureshi at Dandelion Launch/Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I do not mind the bra-top. If you got ‘it’, and you got the confidence to pull it off, and you got the b***s (to wear such an outfit in this country, where us mere mortals cannot), then flaunt it by all means. But that has got to be the most un-inspired and literal print on a suit. Can’t stand it, tbh.


  2. Her legs look so amazing in those trousers. I like it but I personally would have given the bra top a miss because like others have said its just a bit ghetto. There are some people out there who can make it look classy but she’s not one of them. I have to say though, something about this woman irks me. I think its because she always stands with her chest puffed out. What’s up with that?


  3. Why does this woman have to scream “my abs” “my cleavage” all the time?
    THOSE TROUSERS AND JACKET ARE UBER COOL AND AMAZING.but,the bra-top with the long chain hanging over at the center of the frame is creating a super tacky look.




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