In Monisha Jaising

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It was a Monisha Jaising gown for Pernia while at the GQ Awards held last evening. Given the bodice and volume, going with softer hair and make-up was a good call! The gown is tricky at best but one that Ms. Qureshi wears well.


Pernia Qureshi At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2015

Pernia Qureshi In Monisha Jaising At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2015-1

ernia Qureshi At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2015

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Normally I’d expect you guys to complain about the open hair. How is “voluminous skirt goes well with soft (open) hair” not a contradiction????

  2. See, this is what I don’t get. Often there are posts where someone is dressed very well, maybe they aren’t wearing a super fancy sandal or purse. And your review says- you’re really let down and disappointed, despite actresses looking rather classy and very well put-together.

    Here’s an actress who’s really wearing something that’s looking bad on her, and she’s capable of much better. Yet you ignore that in your review. Why the double standards? Its weird when you’re especially harsh on someone who looks fine, and very easy on someone who unfortunately looks like a happy crow.

  3. Yeah, she wears this outfit so well that this look should be inducted to the HALL OF LAME!!!
    Fashion is subjective but how wrong can you get as critics? You guys are completely off.


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