PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013: Ritu Beri

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Ritu Beri’s ‘Punjabi Rock & Roll‘ inspired by the extravagant culture of the state kicked off day four of Couture Week.

Here’s your look.

P.S. More pics inside.






Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • You have to click on the link. The 4 most hideous outfits are actually on the inside. What a waste of fabric. There are people on the planet who can’t afford clothes.

  1. Wtf is this? No seriously, wtf is this???
    I feel like Ritu Beri is going through a mid life crisis.
    Or, Meena Bazaar threw up on these models.
    Or a cross between both.

  2. why did i have the feeling of galliano coming out in the end and taking a bow with ritu beri. the embroidery was exquisite and as the show started i got so excited but look after look it was galliano with a just a little bit more of indiana thrown in. even the models did dior by galliano poses. the only kudos i have is for the embroiderers who desgned the embroidery

  3. What is this monstrosity? How can anyone contemplate wearing anything from this? So OTT and loud and garish, it’s an insult to Punjab. I have no words for the frilled hideous nonsense. God, someone take away these images from my head now.

  4. First row – second picture both the red and yellow are the only two wearable pieces – what a waste of a collection. Get your act together Ritu Beri – you’re a beautiful looking woman, please don’t put yourself to shame!

  5. I want to be at a wedding where the bride steps out in one of the last 2 or last 4 outfits. That would keep me laughing for a long time.

  6. Wow. Just, wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything this hideous. Punjabis are loud and vibrant but their culture isn’t eyesores, ridiculous ‘draping’ and whatever contraband the designer’s been indulging in. Rock n roll this is not. Yuck.

  7. The lehenga skirt in 1st row 3rd pic is so beautiful! Too bad it was paired with the horrendous peplum/choli/jacket which is pseudo layered to make matters worse

  8. OMG who are these people walking around like colourful wedding cakes ……good lord ..is this this really by Ritu Beri…..I share my last name with her and this is embarrassing …..

  9. WTF !!! i dont believe my eyes !! its crazy how people can pay to watch for these hideous costumes..!! i refuse 2 call tehm outfits 🙂

  10. The orange one’s hemline reminds me of Marchesa. Not in a beautiful way, though. Even the print used in the hem of the “kurta” in 2nd row 2nd picture reminds of Marchesa.

  11. I’ve always thought Ritu Beri is a waaayyyyy overrated designer. She’s always shown dated, crappy work. Even when she was chosen to head Jean-Louis Scherrer, they showed her the door pretty quickly.


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