Delhi Couture Week 2012: Sabyasachi

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Paint us predictable, but we loved Sabyasachi’s Couture presentation ‘New Moon’. Styled in a manner we’ve come to expect from the designer, the models walked out on the runway in clothes that were, in the mildest terms, absolutely lust-worthy.

A collection that was a confluence of different inspirations (the discipline of New York, nostalgia of the British Raj in Kolkata, the subversive decadence of Berlin, the romance of Paris and the bohemian flair of Barcelona) was one of the best we’ve seen this season. Love. And awe.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sabya is probably one of the best representation of couture in india! his designing capabilities amazes me every time. a beautiful collection that set a different type of mood amongst others i say!

  2. I can’t stand the ugly Sabya saris that Vidya Balan has become the face of. It’s hard to believe the same designer made these amazingly gorgeous clothes. Wow!

  3. Incredible how history still continues to inspire designers (J J Vallya and now Sabyasachi). Being a historian (archivist actually) and a fashion junkie im lapping it all up

  4. i love that his designs have a certain old world charm to it.
    he is original , loving the lehenga in the first row 3rd pic and 2nd row last pic
    for me sabya is the true mater of indian couture-its grand and true to his roots – LOVE !

  5. Thats the way to do it! Some pieces does look similar to his last presentations but amazing never the less…
    I agree with still viewing’s choices…
    1st row 3rd pic : khadi’esque tussar skirt looks so classy…teal color is gorgeous
    2nd row last pic : this lehenga is heavenly…how i wish to see kareena kapoor in it…
    last row, 4th pic : lust worthy lehenga

  6. Sabya is the Elie Saab of India…or should i say Elie Saab is the Sabya of western couture. Their clothes are elegant, dramatic, ethereal, layered, cultured, intricate…just pure beauty!

  7. Really appreciate this designer, though majority of the collection is the same old, same old. Althouth the white lehnga (3rd row, 1st image) and the dress (4th row, 2nd image) are very elegant.

  8. … is this the guy who started the affordable-couture culture in India ? Interesting collection, true to his style though a tad bit too boring with the same trademark glasses and the fug overture.

  9. Anyone else a bit tired of this stern Victorian nanny styling that he seems to prefer? :/ If he wants to stick to the period, maybe try steampunk it up a bit, or even hop across to Lautrec’s Paris of the same time. Even the Raj was at times a bit more louche than what he always portrays. I dunno, something other than these glasses, and a caning for being naughty waiting round the corner! (upon which Freudian theory I shan’t speculate 😉 )


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