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Promotions for Love Games last week saw Patralekha in three looks, a Pia Pauro bohe one, a denim Koovs one and a Sukriti and Aakriti maxi.

While she looked nice in all of them, special mention does go to the red look. Loved her more in that one.


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  1. Infact I love the denim look. The red is such a typical cookie cutter look. She looks great in all but the denim has so much spunk and she adds her own personality. She has all the years later in life to act mature .

  2. I really like all of three of them but the denim and the white stand out the most for me. She looks gorgeous and I love the minimal and chic styling

  3. The denim dress is ridiculous and the red one is a run-of-the-mill tent that we see all the time on these pages.
    The Pia Pauro on the other hand is so cute and Bohemian! Glad she kept the shoes simple.


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