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After Ileana, it was Ms. Chopra’s promotional looks that seemed to have a pattern. Yep, we’re talking about the crop top/flared pants one.

Of all the looks that she was recently spotted in though, I have to admit I love the Zara one the most.

Which one (or ones) was yours?


Parineeti Chopra at Kill Dil Promotions


Parineeti Chopra at Kill Dil Promotions

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  1. I actually quite like all her looks! It’s definitely a major major improvement from her previous appearances. Love her in the 2nd, 4th and 5th pics. Hope this helps her regain her self-confidence. Much love <3

    PS: Something about her reminds me of Tisca Chopra.

  2. it seems all are trying to ape sonam kapoor…p.s..no hard feelings for parineeti though..she is looking really good in crop tops and flared pants.

  3. I just feel that recently all these actresses are dressing the same. Everyone has pouffed up hair, winged eye liner and is wearing very similar clothes. Exactly these clothes i could imagine on Ileana, Deepika, Priyanka and many more. Everyone is looking like a clone of another of late.

  4. Such wannabe pouts & poses. All the looks fall flat because it does not suit her body type. Does she share stylist with Huma & Madhuri. Seems like it.


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