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If you have read this blog long enough, you’d know that nothing puts us off more than excessive monogrammed anything, especially bags! And Louis Vuitton always made that list, because, for some reason, we could never figure out why everyone insisted on carrying the boring brown monogram when there were better bags out there, including some from Louis Vuitton itself!

Imagine our surprise when we saw the Louis Vutton Spring 2008 Ready-To-Wear Collection! Marc Jacobs absolutely went to town with it! Talking of the bags, they were quirky, colorful and so over the top!


Am sure the Vuitton purists considered this, no less than a sacrilege but since we were never too big on the brown monogram, it didn’t take us long to be gushing over the kitschy, oh-so-fun bags! The Ostrich (below, left) is gorgeous and look at the difference those ombré handles make on that white, multi-colored monogram bag (below,right)!!


Hoorah to the retro-psychedelia!! These could easily be our favorites…


And, this, definately a front-runner as far as favorites go! So much so that Chamiya longed to pre-order hers! I predict many a young starlet sporting this arm-candy come Spring next year! It is trendy, summery and all things nice!


The show had a vibe that was new and fresh and we loved its irreverent nod to the monogrammed bags! Call it creative genius or commercial hara-kiri, but from us, it gets a big thumbs-up!


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