Not Again!

Thats Shabana Azmi at a press conference announcing the launch of VLCC Health, Beauty and Management Institute in Kolkatta, sporting those earrings yet again!! Won’t it ever just stop?


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Guess what else do Kareena Kapoor and Jessica Alba have in common, besides being actresses of course…

A similar taste in LBDs perhaps? Spotted Kareena Kapoor in the identical dress that Alba wore pre-preggers…

Left: Kareena Kapoor At Amrita Arora’s Birthday
Right: Jessica Alba At Fantastic Four Premiere After Party

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And Now In Red!

Gayatri Joshi has one in Gold, so does Bipasha Basu, and Karishma Kapoor has been seen with one in Black.. It was only a matter of time before the Gucci Crystal Clutch would surface in its Red avatar!

Amrita Arora was spotted carrying the clutch in question at the Global Indian Awards…

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Bad Memories!

If Rakshanda was trying to go “one up” on Aishwarya in a similar looking outfit at the Global Indian Honors event, the tactic didn’t really work! In fact, she actually makes Aiswarya look better! (And we thought Ash looked bad at that time!)

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Kareena In Manish Malhotra

Global Indian Awards Red Carpet

Kareena walked the red carpet of the Global Indian Awards with (can we say fiancee) Saif in a Manish Malhotra sari. But I am more curious now as to why Saif has is wearing a wedding on his ring finger?

Lays Promotional Event

Just because Mr. Khan knows how to wear pink, we will not pick on him for wearing the same outfit back to back to two different events. Somebody call Mr. Talpade and let him know that he needs to pick up some tips of wearing pink from Saif!

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