Modern style for less…much less

I have always eyed the Ikea “Klippan” sofa ever since it came out.
I love its clean look and the best part about it was the price of only $249.

But, when I saw the loveseat in person, I found it too small. To sit in it, with someone else, is a little too close for comfort and for how big it, it is too much of a waste of space to be a chair for one.

But now finally, the 4-seater Klippan has arrived! Check it out at Ikea. I haven’t seen it physically and sat on it to comment, but if its roomier to now sit two or more, without having to feel squeezed, it is definately going to be a great buy.

Check it out…

The loveseat and sofa come in a variety of colors but I prefer the white, just cause you can change the look of it with different colored cushions.

Also, check out the online catalog which has the Klippan in room views on Pg 22-23.

Click on the pictures to buy from Ikea.

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The Black And White Of It All

How can one bag, the same identical bag, in two different colors, evoke two totally different reactions? I’ll tell you how.. just look at the Biba Patent Bag and let the reactions stumble out of you.

I absolutely hate the Black Patent Biba bag; the patent leather is way too shiney and tacky looking and that big, gold ‘B’ is absolutely obnoxious.

However, look at the same bag in white.. it is actually pretty muted, understated, and that big ‘B’ in silver, gives it just the right amount of funk to make it stand out, in a good way. I have no real complaints about the bag’s shape itself, and the size looks good. The White Patent Bag seems a good way to do a trend without being a style don’t.

And currently, marked down from $745.00 to $484.00, it sure is kind on the wallet.

( Buy Via Neiman Marcus )

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"Lady" of the Rings

I love rings.. except I have small fingers. I envy women, who have lovely long fingers where any kind of a ring looks awesome. Believe me, if you ever just looked at my hand, you would think they belonged to a 10 year old! But all this does not stop me from surfing and eyeing all the available options online..
So today instead of browsing Bluefly for bags, I decided to do some ring searching and here are couple of my favorites. OK OK.. the list is really long..!

This one is from David Yurman. I love the alternating black and white. I am a real sucker for black and white! You could easily use this to stack in between two white gold rings or two silver rings and make a collection.
Buy the Diamond & Black Onyx Eternity Band for $1495 from David Yurman at Neiman Marcus

Another find is the Confetti Ring also from David Yurman. I love the multicolor look of the different gemstones. I am not sure if I am liking the rope effect of the actual ring. It seems to be a signature style of most of the David Yurman Rings.

Buy the Confetti Ring for $1650 from David Yurman at Neiman Marcus

This ring is really simple and what I love about it is that it is open ended on the top. Its a cute ring for someone young in their 20s.. Gives you that flirty feeling…

Buy the Paloma’s Tenderness Heart ring for $1495 from Tiffany online

I am a big fan of thick bands with gems. I love the soft color effect the blue sapphires have on the ring as a whole.

Buy the Tiffany Bubbles ring for $6500 from Tiffany online

Here is another version of the Tiffany Bubbles ring with all diamonds.

Buy the all diamond Bubbles ring for $9000

And this one..I am hoping if I have a secret admirer and that one day he will buy it for me!(Dream on Sista.. Dream on! says my alter ego)

Buy the Diorette Yellow Gold ring for $5500 from eLuxury

P.S My list hasnt ended.. Keep coming back for more fabulous finds!

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Tory Vs Kate

Saw these two bags today..they are quite similar in the fact that both are Patent and a very vibrant Red, but thats where all the similarities end.

Am totally digging the Tory Burch in Red; it is vibrant, fun and perfect to dress-up or dress-down an outfit. I can see it being carried to the beach, to lunch or just on and about the town. The Red might just be what your bag-wardrobe-soul needed for that immediate picker-upper! The bag looks great even in Black for that matter, so, for the not-too-adventurous-won’t-stray-from-black-brown-bags kind of people among you, it would be a great option at $ 350.00

( Buy Via Neiman Marcus )

Now, the second bag is a whole different ball game. It is a Kate Spade Tracy Patent Satchel and is all things ugly. The Red, the perforated patent leather, the 14 Carat yellow gold hardware, are all that contribute to its basic lack of visual appeal. The Tory Burch patent bag has gold tone hardware too, but it works. On this Kate Spade bag however, it quite doesn’t. How do I say this delicately, but it quite looks like a bag a “working-girl” would use. At $ 395.00, its a whole lot of garishness.

( Buy Via Neiman Marcus )

What do you all think.. which one do you prefer?

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Oh Sarah!

Yesterday, while taking a break from studying, I happened to catch the latest ad for Sarah Jessica Parker’s new perfume “Covet”. I don’t understand how she agreed to do this ad. I don’t even know where to begin. Miss SJP wearing an over the top white dress and then proceeding to kick in the window, was a little too much. Somehow the idea of ninja style, kicking in the glass does not really inspire me to go get this perfume. Not to mention the bad “raccoon” eye make-up. And doesn’t she look a little bit looney at the end of the ad when she blurts “I had to have it”!

What demographic was she aiming for with the ad?? Somebody needs to fire their stylist and ad agency!

Watch the Covet Ad here

Compare that with the ad for her first perfume “Lovely”.

She looks heavenly!

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