Spotlight: Argento Vivo

I am loving Argento Vivo’s simple designs.. They are not over the top and not too expensive either.

Here are some of the pieces from the Hammer collection..

This ring is so so cute. I am loving the thick band and disc.

Buy for $42.00

I couldn’t find a bigger picture of this choker but believe me it exudes style style style..

Buy for $285.00

These earrings are so cute and would go perfect with the ring above.

Buy for $32.00

As we all know, Cuffs are in this fall. Complete the look with this Straight-Edged Cuff. There are some more variations of cuffs on the website, but this is my favorite.

Buy for $200

For all of you who do not want to follow the rules, here is a cute bangle. This would go more with a bohemian style. Chunky cool!

Buy for $52.00

Now, just because I showed you one of each style does not mean that you should wear them all together. Instead, pick two out of the five and make a great ensemble. If you are daring enough, just wear the Choker with a great low neck dress.. I promise you, you will look Stunning!

P.S. All these items are on sale. Keep checking for further reduction.

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Stole Style

Shop Via Fabindia

Here’s a style tip.. Stoles. Stoles. Stoles. The easiest way to weather those transition months, and, what a chic way to go into Fall. Used wisely, it would compliment so many clothing choices, and is so marked for being a wardrobe staple, that is, if it isn’t already!

Throw it over jeans or little dresses to breathe some style into them and, for making a statement about you that sets you apart..and it sure doesn’t hurt to cover those bare shoulders when the nights begin to get a little nippy. I especially love the silk stoles from Fabindia with those vegetable dyes or the chiffon ones from Anokhi. They use stunning colors, the prints are beautiful and you know you can’t go wrong with those!

Shop Via Anokhi

So, cover up and drape that stole.

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Laaga chunari mein daag??

Image src: IndiaFm

So the first promo of “Laaga Chunari Mein Daag” is out and as usual Rani looks gorgeous. She looks the best in indian outfits rather than western clothes. Don’t you think? The small skirts with the “curls and bangs” hair style in “Tara Rum Pum” was hideous! And I hate it when actors and actresses wear horrible wigs. What happened to the hair stylist!

Anyhoo, coming back to the original topic, so I am watching the trailer.. and there is this one scene where Abhishek goes to Rani “Itni to dosti hai ke bata sakoon?”.. And me the evil biiaaatch cannot help but imagine what the previous dialog might have been?

Could it be “Why Ash?”


Do you have any witty answers??

Watch the official YRF promo to see the scene I am talking about HERE and write your own versions! (You can also click on the movie picture above to watch the promo)
Let’s see if there is someone more evil than me out there!

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Cuff Me, Please

Here is a trend am really liking: Cuffs. The easiest way to make a style statement and complete your look.. cuffs are going to be around for a while.


Am totally liking the gold mesh cuff.. it is intricate, and pretty and contemporary enough to give that same ol’ jeans and tee look some life.. or on a little black dress.. it will be that one accessory that can you set you apart and help you score some serious style points. The Narissa 14kt Gold Cuff from Neiman Marcus is a great buy, but at $550.00, not the easiest option on the pocket.

But look at the alternative I found.


It has the same gold tones and mesh detail and at $98.00 from Anthropologie, it is such a great alternative option!

But lets face it, not all of us can work a gold cuff, yours truly included. I prefer silver tones and found this:


It is the Simon Sebbag Silver Contoured Cuff, from Neiman Marcus priced at $240.00. I absolutely love the clean lines, and the contours give it just a dash of that ‘pizaazz’ and I see it being teemed with almost every outfit. But it still does cost a bit much..but wait, I do have an alternative.


I found this on Forever 21, priced at a fraction of the earlier cuff, available only for $4.80, it is such a great steal! It does lack the contoured look, but has the same clean lines and silver metal tones.

At the end of the day, doesn’t matter how much money you spend on an accessory as long as you can make it work for you! Choose one, which is style-heavy, price-reasonable and goddess-worthy!

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Modern style for less…much less

I have always eyed the Ikea “Klippan” sofa ever since it came out.
I love its clean look and the best part about it was the price of only $249.

But, when I saw the loveseat in person, I found it too small. To sit in it, with someone else, is a little too close for comfort and for how big it, it is too much of a waste of space to be a chair for one.

But now finally, the 4-seater Klippan has arrived! Check it out at Ikea. I haven’t seen it physically and sat on it to comment, but if its roomier to now sit two or more, without having to feel squeezed, it is definately going to be a great buy.

Check it out…

The loveseat and sofa come in a variety of colors but I prefer the white, just cause you can change the look of it with different colored cushions.

Also, check out the online catalog which has the Klippan in room views on Pg 22-23.

Click on the pictures to buy from Ikea.

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