The “WTHeyyy” Edition

Sonu Nigam
Divya Dutta

Exhibit one: Can Sonu’s suit get any shinier? Or slimier?

Exhibit two: That elaborately draped and knotted thing only draws attention to where we wish it hadn’t!! One hopes that the stole that Divya has on isn’t really attached to the dress and is a making of her own folly, which hopefully can be corrected!

Shriya Saran

Exhibit three: Shriya Saran while participating in the ‘Dell Road Run’ marathon contest, goes running dressed like that. We get she is an actress and has to look good even when running, but dressed like that when participating in a marathon just makes me break out into a sweat, and I haven’t even pulled on my socks yet.

Exhibit four: The print doesn’t work. Ditto for the color. And especially the asymmetrical hemline just does not work. And that bag.


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Leiber Ganesha Clutch: Now At Neimans

For the very few who voted in favor of the Leiber Ganesha clutch, it is now available for sale at Neimans for $5995.

Leiber Ganesha Clutch (Buy)

Edit: We respect all of your opinions that have come streaming in but while most have been rational and have put across their views objectively, there are more and more of comments that are disrespectful, abusive and distasteful. Especially the ones that target various other religions and/or people.

To some of you this (the clutch) was no big deal, to a lot of you (ones on this blog anyway) it was offensive and in bad taste, and while we would have loved for you all to give voice to your opinions here, our no-tolerance to abusive comment content makes it impossible for us to publish these comments. In either case we have decided to not allow any more comments and really do hope that you all appreciate our stance on this.


Priyanka and Payal

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Premiere Wars

While Harman stepped out in a tuxedo complete with a bow tie and cummerbund, Imran went the regular suit and tie route?

Who was your favorite???

Harman Baweja
Imran Khan

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A Vision In White And A WTHeyyy!

While Shweta Bharadwaj(about to make her debut in Mission Istanbul…) looked great in a white sari at a promotional event, Shreya Saran pulled a major WTHeyyy at the same event.

Jeez, how can people waste money on a dress like that!

Shweta Bharadwaj
Shreya Saran

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From The Archives

How lovely is this brocade dress from Dolce and spotted on Chhaya Momaya. Except, the dress, somehow, doesn’t fit her quite right.

Chhaya Momaya
D & G Floral Brocade Dress (Buy)


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