The Two Sided Story

She (Jacqueline Fernandez) first went totally OTT with that crazy, funky and loud orange dress at the ‘Hello’ magazine party. And then she surprised us by going all simply elegant and understated, but with the just the right amount of playfulness for a Hotel launch.Surprised and liking it, we are keeping our eyes out for this one, we are.

At ‘Hello’ Mag Party At A Hotel Launch

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Welcome To Our New Home!

We have officially moved! Drop in a line and let us know how you like the new place! Also, bear with us since we are still trying to finish up the whole move!

If you came here looking for a specific post and can’t reach it, we suggest trying to search for it. We are also trying to seamlessly integrate a redirection to the old posts!

 Sorry for the trouble!

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(Maxi)mum Print

Spotted Rosa and Perizaad Zorabian at two different recent events wearing Maxi dresses, a huge trend… I wish Perizaad went with a different color/print, didn’t think it flattered her too much, but can’t say have any complaints with Rosa’s outfit!


Perizaad Zorabian

This is a Spring/Summer trend that am absolutely loving, its so flattering for all body types and can so easily be dressed up or down… And with the amount of vibrant colors and prints out there to choose from, just makes it perfect!

A trend thats totally caught on among the celebs… Will you be wearing Maxi this season?

Alicia Keys

Gwen Stefani

Kristen Bell

Miley Cyrus

Molly Sims

Nicole Ritchie

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Can You Spot The Original?

Two of the shoes below are designer creation worth more than $700 and two of the shoes below are knockoffs for under $100!

The question is that can you spot the original pieces?

P.S. Some of you already know what the brands are and the knockoffs.. but to make this more inneresting, I hope that you refrain from mentioning it in the comments! Thanks!

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

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Way More Of The Same!

I mentioned it first and then proved it again! With this post, I reallly rest my case!

May 2008

Dec, 2007

Nov, 2007

Nov 2007

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