A Bit Of Whimsy


When it comes to jewellery, every once in a while I look for some rather whimsical pieces that are just fanciful, kitschy, unpredictable and oh well, whimsical! And at one such quest, I found this necklace at J Crew. Its in a classic blue-green combination and what makes it so wonderful, is the frog clasp made out of pave’ crystals on a double strand teal colored glass necklace. And if you look close enough, you’ll notice that the beads are knotted on a rasberry colored thread which just adds to the contrast! At $125, this bit of whimsy is yours to have!

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And look at this…

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The Turtle Ring by Kenneth Jay Lane from Shopbop is whimsical and cute and oh-so-adorable! The ring is in 18K gold and has Swaroski crystals, and its size can be adjusted! And at $88, you are getting a cocktail ring that makes a statement, and how!

And this last one…

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Ok, so your first instinct might be, isn’t that a bit much? I’ll allow you that.. But, yes there is a but! Look again. It is so whimsical, girly and way too much fun! The Large Bow bangle from Fallon Jewellery also available at Shopbop screams witty whimsy with vintage vibe. At $219, it certainly is a bit pricey, but thats one statement piece which certainly will reap rewards!

Its a cynical world baby, and we all need a bit of whimsy now and then!

Fashion Ads: The Bad: Dior




What do you all think of the Dior Fall/Winter 07 campaign with Jessica Stam? I love the absolute overdose of vibrant color but hate the way Jessica has been styled. I itch to yank off that wig (if it is one)! Just the styling of the hair spoils it totally for me…

Excuse me.. What’s the time?


A lot of us do not pay attention to the kind of watches we wear. Picking a good watch is just about as important as buying a quality diamond. You cannot, and I cannot stress this enough, you cannot be going to work wearing too casual of a watch. And at the other end of the spectrum, wearing a flashy watch to work is an absolute NO NO!

Now, there’s Tiffanys for engagement rings, Harry Winston for diamonds, Rolls for wheels and then there are Rolexes for telling the hours! But if awareness bought ‘stuff’, I’d have a different Rolex for everyday! But since it doesn’t and I don’t..the pieces I chose make just as great first buys!

This Baume & Mercier is a great piece. The simple leather straps make it a very simple and elegant watch and it is a steal at under $1000.

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The Omega “Constellation” is a great first watch, if you have the money to spend(about $1000+). I like the simple stainless steel look, specially for someone who wears a lot of subtle jewelry. Pair this with diamond solitaire earrings and it totally transforms your look.

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Now to my favorite, the Cartier Tank Francaise is just totally out of the world in style and regretably, in price too! It retails for $3300 but can vary. Jennifer Aniston wore one with leather straps in the movie “The Break-up”. I somehow prefer the stainless steel look because it lasts longer.

Buy via Saks Fifth Avenue

I have noticed lately, time hasn’t been good to me. Its either never enough time or not ever good enough of a time! But there’s no reason why I can’t look great while telling the time! So, when someone asks you the time next, are you going to be proudly flashing your wrist?

Knock Knock..


No no.. This is not going to be a “knock knock” joke. This post is about the first accessory that we lay eyes on (when we visit others) but never quite notice. Thats because we are limited in our selections by what is available by the neighbourhood Home Depot or Lowes.

Who knew that there were some cool alternatives out in the world to spice up your door? Well, now you do!

Look at this Bam Bam door knocker by Umbra. It has a matte look that is very simple but at the same time very stylish. Retailing for only $33, it is quite a deal to spruce up the front door in an instant.

Buy via Umbra

The Sausalito Door Knocker by Chiasso is a little more on the pricey side at $98, but the design is very unique.

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If you prefer something more royal and old school, I would definately suggest this Lion Head knocker. It kind of reminds of the classic Versace design, and this piece would great on a dark wood door.

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Fashion Ads: The Good: Jordache




So, tell me how hot is Heidi Klum for Jordache? The Ad totally sizzles. Brett Ratner, who shot the Ad, is actually an action movie director but who could tell looking at the Ad? He should do more fashion photography! Its brilliant!

But here’s what I want to know, how does a Thirty-four year old woman, after having three kids, still manage to have a body like that? Tell me!