Turning The Tables..


We have picked on everybody so far, be it, actors or socialites, so why should designers be far behind? We think it is about time we turn tables on some of these designers we have caught who weren’t definitely dressing to their nines.

It’s a good thing that we have seen their work before seeing them, else we might have never been able to truly critique them just for their work! ;)

Pria Kataria Puri

Maheka Mirpuri

Anjalee Kapoor

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Sparking Off Something New?


Is Amrita Arora trying to spark off a new trend, of wearing long necklaces/chains around shoulders??

For me, the look is so ‘forced’, just seems like she is ‘trying-too-hard’!! Don’t know if someone else can make it work better but on her it just doesn’t click!

Hit or Miss?

At Coutons Fashion Show

At Globus Seventeen Cover Girl Hunt 2008

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Sotted Priyanka Chopra at Tvasthar 2008 looking like she hadn’t slept for days and or bawled her eyes out for days!! The only saving grace? That Jimmy Choo clutch!!

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Soha: Still Stuck In Character!


Has the failure of “Khoya Khoya Chand” gotten to Soha? Why is she still stuck with that hair?

That hair with those gowns does nothing to her style. Soha needs to learn some tips from “bhai” Saif’s girlfriend and get an image makeover just like she did!

Samsung Air Conditioner Launch

Asian Paints Event

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Clutch It The Rickard Shah Way


Rickard Shah’s clutches and shoes have long been popular with celebs like Kate Winslet, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba (one of their biggest fans probably!) and their popularity seems to be only growing by the day!

A luxury label and a red carpet must-have, it is coveted by Hollywood’s leading ladies and is owned by the husband and wife duo, Binith Shah and Elizabeth Rickard.

While Elizabeth has previously served as a senior director for Giorgio Armani and as a design director for Emanuel Ungaro, Binith Shah comes from a long line of Indian embroidery and embellishment artisans and has worked with many designers from various countries! Put them together and you come up with a wonderful shoes and accessories label!

I have been spotting them more and more on the red carpet lately and thought I’d bring it your notice….

To see more of their designs and how you can buy, go Here!

Halle Berry With A Rickard Shah Clutch

Miley Cyrus With A Rickard Shah Clutch

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