Dressed Down

Preity Zinta attended the Olive launch dressed way way down in a Kings XI Punjab t-shirt, denim capris and flip flops. Wearing a team t-shirt considering that the IPL series is over seemed quite out of place but I still think she looks good. (Can you ever go wrong with black and denims…)

But flip-flops to a restaurant launch? Acceptable or not?

preity_olive_mahalaxmi.jpg preity_olive_mahalaxmi1.jpg

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AD Does A Rohit

Shekhar’s attempt at the jodhpur look was quite a disaster but restaurateur AD Singh did way better than Shekhar. He wore his well-fitted white jodhpurs with black, a colo combo we have seen so many times on Rohit Bal.

Who pulls it off better between these two (AD and Rohit)?

Above: AD Singh, Olive Launch at Mahalaxmi Course
Below Left: Rohit Bal, Wills Fashion Week Finale Spring 2008
Below Right: Rohit Bal, Gucci Launch Party
rohit_wills_finale.jpg rohit_bal_gucci.jpg

Edit: “pinkster”, you are right! Corrected…

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Bag Spotting

sophie-zagliani-1.jpg sophie-zagliani-22.jpg

Spotted Sophie Chaudhary at the Olive launch carrying a very luxe ivory Zagliani Metallic Puffy Bag…

Buy The Zagliani Metallic Python Puffy Bag

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Baby Steps

Sure its a regular outfit, an Ed Hardy tee, skinny jeans teamed with basic pumps… but its Sameera Reddy and at a recent movie premiere she looked sweet! After her previous fashion misdemeanors with ‘ott’ make-up, ‘wthey’ clothes and mismatched shoes, we love her here!

saneera-hancock_prem-11.jpg saneera-hancock_prem-2.jpg

Sameera Reddy At The Hancock Premiere

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Yay For Ritu Kumar!!!

Update: So, turns out it ain’t Miss India who won the National Costume award! She alongwith nine others were selected as the winners of the top 10 best National Costume show. Click here to see the article.


Ritu Kumar’s design for Ms. World Simran Kaur Mundi won the Best National Costume award at Miss Universe 2008!

Now, I didn’t like the cutout choli at all but am so in love with the lehenga!!!

miss_universe_simran.jpg miss_universe_simran_ritu.jpg

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