Beads Bound


Farah Khan sure has a thing for accessorizing with beads!

Book Launch, Oct 07
Lycra Mtv Style Awards, Oct 07

While we noticed her repeat her top within days (pictures above), she at least changed up her beads!

But a hot favorite seems to be the gold beads that we’ve seen on her quite a few times…

At An Event, Aug 07
Audio Release Of ‘OSO’, Oct 07

Why are we digging up the archives, you wonder? Thats because we spotted Farah Khan recently at a music concert in her trusted gold beads of course!

Its a good thing to remember that while beads (or long chunky jewelry of any kind) are a great way to accessorize and give an otherwise ‘bleh’ outfit a lot of character, never pair them with already busy prints, they just don’t work! It distracts and overwhelms the whole look!

At A Music Concert, May 08

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Louis Louis!


Louis Vuitton recently launched its first store in Bangalore and its second in Delhi. While, Lara looked fresh in her DvF dress and the LV Rayures tote in Bangalore, Vidya looked quite a damper in a rather frumpy denim dress and an LV Marilyn hobo.

Pretty obvious, who takes this round!

Vidya Balan, Delhi
Lara Dutta, Bangalore

P.S. In case you are interested in either bag, you can buy them from the Louis Vuitton website.

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Leggy Issues


When we thought, Shilpa might have been the lone ranger who made the mistake of wearing stirrup leggings, that too with a skirt, who knew we would be wrong! A day later, here we are, finding newcomer Shweta Bharadwaj in one too…

Don’t know about you.. but if I ever had to wear one.. it would only be for a ballet class (which would never happen) or with boots.. Heck..who am I kidding.. I would never buy these..they just remind me of those 80’s exercise videos, and I hated those!

IIFA Fashion Extravaganza Launch
“Music And Lyrics” Premiere

P.S. Almost all of you got it right about that being Shilpa in the Guess Who post! ;)

P.P.S. Does anyone know who the lady on the left is?

Update: The woman in question is Shweta Bharadwaj….

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Not Fashionable…

15 when someone like Arjun Rampal goes all out to promote no smoking…

No Tobacco Day, May 24

…and what’s wrong with that you wonder? Click below to find out! ;)

A “Guess Who: WTHeyyy” Edition!


Which actress pulled quite a “WTHeyy!!!” last year when she showed up wearing this outfit at the premiere of a movie!