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Simone On Mission Ustad


I am really torn on Simone’s outfit. As much as I like the style and the colors, somehow I think the length of the kameez makes her look short. What I would love to do is take that kameez, snip of the sleeves and pair it with some hot stilettos and that would look goood!

What do y’all think of Simone?


Corrected: Thanks yusra!

Bips’ Not So "Peep-Toe" Peep-Toes


Above: Bipasha at Goal Premiere

Peep Toes are sexy when they just show a bit of the toe. But Bips’ peep toe pumps are less peep and a whole lotta toe!


HHC:Now On Uber Desi!


Uber Desi asked us politely! We said “YES” eagerly! And so, from today onwards we are starting our duties as guest bloggers! Go check out our first post!

Aditi Inspired By Malaika?


While Malaika wore a full sleeve shirt with her capri, Aditi decided to be more daring and wear hers with a black bustier. Its uncanny how the bangles Aditi is wearing is exactly the same as Malaika.

While you are now deciding on whether Aditi is a copycat, don’t miss the Gucci Crystal Clutch on Aditi. Personally, I prefer Malaika’s clutch.

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