Vida In Neeta Lulla


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Victoria Beckham was sent a turkey stuffed with skincare products by Dr. Neetu Nirdosh and is majorly miffed!

Don’t blame the gal! Who would ever want to put something on their face that’s seen the insides of a turkey! And after seeing Dr. Nirdosh, I don’t think I am taking any advice from her any time soon! (The makeup is sure to cause plenty of skin issues right there!)

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This Is Tough!


I went to watch Welcome past weekend! And I love Malaika! She is smokin hot! If I had a baby and still looked as hot as her, I would thank the Lord!

But. But. But. I also got to see Malaika’s major stretch marks when she showed up during the “Hoth Rasiley” song.

Doesn’t bother me but I gotta ask, as mommies, is it okay to show it off, or are some things better hidden?

Well, we all pretty much agree that as mommies, it is perfectly okay to show em off!

Another question is whether for actors, is it okay to show em off??

(I did add the promo here, but you won’t be able to see the marks.)


Two For One (Es)Special!


Would Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra ever share an actress walking in their creations on the same day! HECK NO!! A long ways to go for Nandita and Rahul Khanna n Rohit Gandhi!

Neha for Nandita Mahtani

Neha for Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi

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Aaja Nachle Hangover


Madhuri’s made blue and black look soo good that Maria has caught on to it.

That’s a revival for black and blue, that featured both in Vikram Phadnis’ and Manish Malhotra’s collection back in 2006. Gotta wait and see who else is gonna wear the combo!

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