Let’s Polka


It may not be the trend of the season but it’s fun to see someone in polka dots once in a while and we are loving Priyanka’s long polka dress. Last time we saw polka was on Sushmita and as you can see, that was a disaster!

If you wanna have some fun with polka, quickly grab these dresses on sale at Banana Republic and Newport News for only $39.99!!

Buy via Banana Republic

Buy via Newport News

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Giving Credit When It’s Due


After making many appearances on this blog for all the wrong reasons, Kim Sharma is actually on here for all the right reasons! A hot black sheath dress. No nude bra straps showing. No under-wire protruding through! No quilted dress! And finally, no mop top hair!

Polki Jewelry Launch

MTV Lycra Style Awards

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Just A Charm Bracelet?


You would think so looking at the picture, but this toggle clasp bracelet that features two high-heeled shoes(one pump and one sandal) and three different purses in 18K gold and enamel is not just an ordinary charm bracelet. The Fashionista Gold Charm bracelet will set you back $4500!! Yes, you read it right! This charm bracelet costs $4500 and that’s because it is by Links of London.

But, you know what? High price tag apart, the bracelet just seems so perfect for us! We love high heels. We love bags! We love this bracelet! (We ain’t buying one though!)

If you want to own one for yourself or just check out their collection, go here.

Dia And Deepika: Similar Tastes?


Do not miss Dia and Deepika wearing the same anarkali style dress in different colors! I love the white version on Dia. Maybe that’s why she wear’s it again and again. Deepika’s red version just looks too gawdy. What do you think?

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How Not To Valentino!


Yay, we are so glad we have our first Histoire sighting!

We would have probably chosen a simpler outfit though and let the bag do all the talking! Much like the two ladies below!

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