Padma Lakshmi’s Fusion-Chic Style


This picture of Padma Lakshmi’s is from a Zac Posen dinner held in November of last year but even though the picture is from the archives, the look is such a classic, I had to write about it!

Its once again about fusing two totally different looks/things and making it work! The Indian jewellery looks spectacular with the plunging neckline of her dress.


And here are some looks that can be teemed with western garb for the same style appeal!

Buy Via Art Karat

Buy Via Sonoor

I hate the cinched, pleating on her dress, its so unflattering but barring that, I love the silver grey of her dress which you know is a big trend for this Fall! And what is unexpected is her orange stole! Not a combination that immediately comes to mind but it totally works!



  1. She looks great. I love the colors, grey and orange. I usually won’t wear grey but it looks fantastic with the orange stole. I love the necklace too. She’s got great taste. How does she stay so slim??!!




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