In Dev R Nil


Seeing “I Am” director Onir in a Che Guevara print Dev R Nil jacket at Melbourne did take us by surprise. Who knew the man had a predilection for fashion?

Is it the Anita Dongre effect? The man was, after all, seen at her show this past fashion week. (We think having been at the Fashion Week, he might have caught the designer bug! )

You can catch a motorcycle print one on Arunoday Singh Here.

Left: Dev R Nil, Spring 2011
Right: Onir at Closing Night of Indian Film Festival in Melbourne

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa, MindBlowingFilms


  1. I think this is an overwhelming print for him. and I agree with first comment – if only Guevara knew that his famous snapshots would become the epitome of consumerism, he’d ban cameras from all communist countries!

    ps- please post my comment, because you’ve deleted it last time i posted a comment and i’m such a fan of your blog…tho you can delete this last part:-)


  2. Haha…how adorable. I loved ‘My Brother Nikhil’ and I’m looking forward to I AM which stars 2 of my favorite actresses, so this man can do no wrong in my book.

    But seriously, the Che Guevara pop print is so cliched. I like their motorcycle print jacket far better.


  3. its a cool design..but che! really! should have been more original. try another andy warhol icon..even marilyn would be better




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