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We’ve seen the Louis Vuitton Limelight clutch in silver before and now spotted it in gold on Shilpa Shetty!

Love Shilpa’s look at a recent book launch (minus the shoes)! How pretty is her outfit!?


Shilpa Shetty

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Dupatta is very pretty, indeed. Her kurta/top would have looked better if it didn’t have the shiny gold border on the collar and the green/gold/white at the bottom. The rest of her outfit should have remained simple because the dupatta is so exquisite as it is.

    Oh and I don’t like the shoes either.

  2. i really liked her here , plus outfit is just yummmm , colors + details
    can anyone tell what actually is her bottom wear ?? a shalwar or a churidar ( i might get a copy made hence asking), thanks

  3. nisha, how is this outfit preppy? or maybe that was a typo to mean pretty? anyway, it is indeed a nice outfit, very classy and sophisticated looking. i wish we could find more clothes like this in teh states, but unfortunately, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. most things you get here are so loud and garish. i like shilpa shetty, she has good style sense (for the most part).

  4. i dont like it!! i think i am the only one here.. i dont like the color against her skin.. nor do i like the green border.. it makes me go patriotic more than anything else.
    and i hate the purple sequins against orange!!!

  5. LOVE the ourfit (other than the shoes) ..even the LV is acceptable- but I would have prefered the metallic clutch for a nightime and more fancy event
    …is it just me, or does her body seem too straight-up-and-down to really look good in Indian clothes
    (and her hair and makeup are so monotonous that her face fades to the background of this pretty outfit)

  6. Love how she can work both the western look and the desi and pulls both off with such class. Who’s her outfit by? Sabayasachi?? I feel so cool for even making a guess at that, hahah you guys have really educated me!

  7. The dupatta looks totally Sabyasachi, but I’m now looking at the weird gold detailing on the shoulder and I’m not sure if he would do that.
    You guys would find out soon enough who the designer is!

  8. arent the shoes keeping in trend with the prada shoes this season – the ones with the big structural japanese like kimono bow on top..

    i dont think the outfit needs these shoes.. but i thought its in keepign with the fashion now..

  9. i love her outfit specially the style of the churidar,that thing in the bottom looks very nice…oh and the shoes are but ofcourse plain ugly….


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