One In Every Color!

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Spotted. Ms Balan back to not only wearing her favorite color but also what seem to be her new favorite style!

Vidya @ Toshiba Launch

Vidya @ Orchid City Centre

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  1. Black is such a huge improvement from the orange nightmare at filmfare.
    Black well fitted dress, check.
    Peep toed shoes, check.
    Not too much bling, check.
    No OTT make-up, check.
    Did everything the fashion police told her to. Then why isn’t she looking like a head-turner still??

  2. I dont like Vidya at all she is wanna be Rani and just so flat with her looks n style. She is lookin so average here, although foundation on her arms are visible from far ! Even makeup cannot pop her looks guess what how she looks without one ?

  3. Look at her legs closely, the foundation on her legs gone wrong…ewwww….so fake ! and her dress has some chalky dust….i guess she cleaned her hands with it. ugly fake !

  4. I find her nice and relaxed person, not fake or wannabe. She just doesn’t have a sense of taste in clothing/styling, and being a curvaceous woman, she needs to be more careful.
    Black dresses maybe the safest option, but if you have the money, please spend on something else because there are already more than half of the people (most of the men, waiters and some women) of the room in black. Who wants to be confused with one of them?

  5. she has such a desirable face but unfortunately what stands out are her choice in clothing. its not the color or the type of dress thats the problem here, its the fact that almost always she wears clothes so unflattering to her body type. stick-figures are out and fuller bods have so much appeal but, really, if only she could wear something that compliments her body (and please, with less tacky gold prints/embroidery!), she would make such a pretty package.

  6. It is a huge improvement for Vidya, though. Glad she is moving in the right direction even if she has a long way to go.

    Pri/Payal – great blog. You are so resourceful. Love the collection of info you have on this blog.

  7. Hmm, methinks ive spotted some shoe repeats..
    The Peep Toes at the Toshiba Launch and the Halla Bol Press meet

    And the yuck chappal-like thingies at Nach Baliye and Orchid City Centre


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