Seeing Red


At the launch of a Wedding Fair, we spotted actress Nikita Narayan pair a tacktastic fire engine red bag with a tacktastic-er fire engine red outfit when posing for the photogs. Ooh yes, let’s see you tell the bag apart from the outfit! ;)

She’s surely messing with us, no? WTHeyyy!!!

P.S: The bag is one she just picked up at the Fair to pose for the shutterbugs. It’d be really hilarious if that’s really her bag and, she uses it with the protective covers still on!

Nikita Narayan At The ‘Wedding Fair’ Launch

Photo Credit: Indiaglitz


  1. Lol! I have literally just spat my drink out all over my computer!! Lol, haven’t laughed so hard in days! Then I read the rest of your post and realised it was a bag she just picked up for the photos… lol imagine if she ACTUALLY walked out the house carrying a bag with the wrapping still on?! lol i would die!!! WTHEYYYY!!!


  2. Word of the day, thanks to HHC: “tacktastic.” If it isn’t possible for a celebrity to put an outfit together, she should get a stylist like yesterday.




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