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We thought it would be Lady Gaga who would do the honor of wearing a Manish Arora Spring 2011 first, but it was Nicki Minaj who beat Gaga to it!

I don’t know what I like more, the dress or the green tipped hair!

Left: Manish Arora, Spring 2011
Right: Nicki Minaj at American Music Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Style, Wireimage

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  1. eeww! dont know wat i HATE MORE! the studded ribcagey dress that has d disgustful embellishments, or the green dress or the matching blingy shoes!! HATE ALL THE WAY! A TOTAL WTHEYYY!!

    • LOL!

      Jokes apart, it looks like Manish was fascinated by shiny things, so whatever shiny things he spotted, he stole and stuck it on this dress.

      alludes to a Magpie and its obsession with pretty shiny things πŸ˜›

      Oh and did i say “jokes apart”? πŸ˜›

  2. When i first saw these photos i almost fell off my chair! I love Nicki Minaj! She’s so beautiful and this dress is perfect for her! Can’t wait to see her in more Manish Arora! So proud of these indian designers! Feels so good doesnt it! ‘We s-s-s-sh-shut it down like the club got glitches’!

  3. How do u even sit in a dress like this???
    At first I thought the green tips were a part of the dress. Looks like someone dipped the ends of her hair in paint. Waiting for a Lady gaga sighting.

  4. excuse me for not loving rib cages made of gold tin foil stuck on clothes, and i’m sure this is art and whatnot, but i just like clothes that are seat and washing machine friendly. But my name is not nicki minaj so it should be okay.

  5. I’d have paired the dress with colourful tights as seen on the model on the runway…Brings out the quirkiness so inherent in Manish Arora’s designs!

    I can totally see Lilly Allen or Beth Ditto sporting this dress sometime!


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