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At a collection preview hosted at Moonriver (a multi-designer store in the capital), Niamat was photographed in a Stella McCartney fringe dress. Wearing her hair half up, she finished out the look with solitaires, a box clutch and Louboutins. She wears the dress well.

Niamat Bakshi In Stella McCartney At Mawi Preview Held At Moonriver, Delhi

Left, Centre: Niamat Bakshi At Mawi Preview
Far Right: Stella McCartney Fringe Dress- Buy

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  1. Why is the bottom of the dress different from the one from the model? It’s like she is Tinker Bell’s shadow. MadProps for finally losing the pantyhose.

  2. good thing she rid herself the stockings. But she looks very Queenie Singh wannabe with those short dresses one after the other. Why try to pass off as a teen when the world knows you are far away from that era.

    Wearing something more elegant and classy would be so much nicer for a change

    • Very true. Queenie Singh wannabe would be the right term. I don’t know why they insist on such short clothes for every outing which has to be left to the teens or the girls in early twenties.

      • Sometimes I just wonder if you comment for the sake of it. One do you know the age difference between Queenie and Niamat, it’s more than 18 years. While Queenie has teenage kids, Niamat has little ones. Also just because a lady is over her twenties or teens, she’s suddenly not allowed to wear short dresses, and then we call ourselves a modern society? Pity on you. Whether it’s Queenie or Niamat, the length of their dress is their choice. Don’t like it, fine, don’t pass comments that make you sound regressive.

        • High-five lady! I don’t understand ageist comments.. Sandra bullock, Jennifer aniston, etc etc could pull off all these looks that most Indian (women) bitch about. It’s like Indian women give up on their bodies after 30 and expect everyone else to. Age ain’t nothing but a number, baby.

          • Thank you Malaise. I don’t know anybody personally, but I’ve just started observing how people just jump upon people who might seem to be well off, just a little google might help you know, Niamat also runs a school for Autistic Kids! And why is it a problem if she wears a short dress, or what brand she wears? I mean come on look at her, there’s nothing wrong about it, I agree there can be a little foundation gone wrong, but hey even Angelina Jolie gets it wrong at time. They make it such a big deal, what if you had the camera flash in your face and people said the same about you!

  3. She looks average-not a nice dress. Sanya u seem to be niamats advocate or her or PR for her. She doesn’t run any school – it’s a publicity stunt just so when she is written about she doesn’t seem like a socialite only interested in being photographed. And my comment probably won’t be featured as hhc seem to not their readers to disagree!


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