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Going the high-street way again, Neha picked an H&M shirt and John Paul Ataker skirt for the big event in Madrid. Serious cuff in place, a box clutch, an updo, cat-eye and near nude pink lip color made for the finishing touches. While a crisp button-down paired with a billowy, full-skirt lacks novelty, it’s hard to go wrong with. It may not have stopped us in our tracks but there’s no denying she looked good. Just that, there’s no topping this.


Neha Dhupia At IIFA 2016

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  1. Don’t think she looks good here. Usually she’s on point but this is Sharon Stone’s white shirt and satin skirt oscars look done all wrong.

  2. She went really minimalistic. Its a clean look that I really like but I think this is too low key for the main event.

  3. Neha is a stunner on red carpet but this is a tried and tested look from her, I was expecting more. She does look nice though.

  4. Proportions are totally off, which I think is the key to carrying off something so simple. Assertive makeup could have been a good distraction but, alas, this just didn’t jive well as an overall look.

  5. Hate to see her in this..especially someone who almost always nails it. Her outfit reminds me of the “nuns” in my school ?

  6. This one, unfortunately, is a fail. I love that she pushes the envelope but sometimes, like now, it just doesn’t work. I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s not working but it’s probably the overall look…….very underwhelming given the occasion.

  7. Not apt for a red/green carpet…
    The outfit needs drama ..just the volume of the skirt alone won’t do..
    Would have loved it with some strong make-up and sleek straight hair-do..
    Or stand-out piece of jewelry.
    As it is .. this looks too bare!


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