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Neha caught dinner with Angad on Saturday evening and was seen wearing a printed Punit Balana shirt dress paired with her Stella McCartney sneakers and Céline Nano bag.

A look you’d wear? I’d wear it irrespective of being pregnant or not. But then, I’ve already mentioned how her and my aesthetic match quite a bit.

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  1. They might be wearing designer clothes out of their privilege. But what these designers do is stitch different types of outfits from the same material and call it their collection. And we see many celebs wearing versions of this dress in the same fabric, same print… doing it to death. It is same like the clothes we buy in malls, where many others can buy same pieces in same material and different outfits in same material too. Or something like back then…. when our mothers used to buy long piece of cloth from a thaan and get 2 frocks stitched out of the same material from your neighborhood tailor, for you and your sister when you were kids. This designer wear is also same but a little more fashionable may be.

  2. Nothing likable about the outfit. Neither the print nor the cut or color….longer peasant style dresses look better for moms to be where the knees are covered… not a fan of shorter dresses.

  3. She has a penchant for wearing tents, yards of fabric as fashion. They are neither appealing, cute, fashion forward, stylish, Debo, or boho. Many times they are clownish and disastrous.

  4. She’s 8 (or more) months pregnant!! Does anybody remember how uncomfortable she probably is?
    Props to her for making an effort – putting on lipstick and going out for dinner was too much for me at that stage, that’s for sure.
    I think she looks great!


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