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It’s been quite a while since we’ve had ourselves a Manish Malhotra spotting and the first to give us one this year was Neha. With the suit providing so much color, I like that she didn’t add any lip color. I think she looks gorgeous.

Neha Dhupia at Kiran Bawa’s Lohri Celebrations

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


      • And as for you anon………you did not capitalize the first letter of the second sentence……Its a FASHION blog…….and one that is loved by thousands……….so please deal with it.


      • In your own words, “not quite”
        I would have re-phrased it as:

        “It’s been quite a while since we’ve spotted a Manish Malhotra and the first one this year was by Neha. With the suit being so colorful, I like that she didn’t add any lip color. I think she looks gorgeous.”

        For all those people who think the comments on grammar are lame, well all comments are moderated by Payal and if they were offended they would have chosen to not publish it.

        Just because the blog is on fashion, or rather celebrity fashion, does not mean people are not allowed to comment on other aspects including language.

        Also if this blog is considered to be better than some other such blogs covering Indian fashion, than ensuring quality in all aspects is essential. Be it in the form of not using derogatory or incorrect language or in-appropriate comments.

        Guess this is worth two cents, take it or leave it.


  1. This proves that MM is wearable if you wear it and not allow it to wear you!
    This same suit on Aish or Madhuri would be so overwhelming.

    I also think it works on neha because its a refreshing change for her. Unlike the usual suspects who don MM outfits over and over in every colour.

    ps. Anon your comment on P’s grammer was lame.


  2. Anon,

    Liked your idea of correcting English grammar on this blog. How about we start with yours? Your comment was:
    “Whats with the english? the first sentence (like so many others before) are full of grammar mistakes..”

    It should be like the following:

    What’s with the English? The first sentence(like so many others before) is full of grammar mistakes.

    The subject ” the first sentence” is singular, therefore, the second part of the sentence should be “is full of grammar mistakes”.

    Also, ‘E’ of English, should be in capital.

    Warm regards,




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