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Wearing a sequin Atsu dress, Neha attended the IIFA 2013 success party in Dubai. The hair do was interesting but seemed out of place with the dress, that was already quite impactful.

What say you? Would’ve you have preferred a simple ponytail.


Neha Dhupia at IIFA 2013 Success Party in Dubai

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. I think she looks amazing. I get your point about the simple ponytail, but then it would not have been this edgy. I am in love with this look. She looks flawless.

  2. I don’t think it’s the hair that’s the problem. Not feeling the heavy shoes. Something lighter would have been perfect with the dark, fall-like dress.

  3. why the heck does IIFA need a success party?! just an excuse to get celebrities another chance to dress up and be photographed? well at least the atsu dress is nice. not sure about the smudgy eye makeup though.


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