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Ms. Singh continued taping for Dance Deewane and was seen wearing a jacket and dress combo from Soup by Sougat Paul and one by Rohit Bal(?). She looked great in both!

P.S. She taped for the show wearing the same slipons as the one on the right. Catch the finished look here.

Neetu Singh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Draped style outfits back to back? Surprised Ms Kapoor okayed that…she is usually quite particular. And one can never go wrong with Rohit Bal.

  2. On the left, she looks like a lady who has tied up her sari to do some work 😀 which is fine because as a designer you can find inspiration in anything. However, it gives the impression that the design isn’t complete.

    Neetu looks lovely in the Rohit Bal.

    Her facial features are such that she will look 48 for another 10 years. She is 63.

  3. she’s total goals when it comes to ageing gracefully. and don’t @ me — this is not an ageist comment. she’s glorious.

  4. The Rohit Bal is a good look.

    The Soup outfit doesn’t translate as well in motion, but then, for the show I guess she’d be seated so it won’t matter as much? The draped skirt is an odd length, I feel. Could have been longer. As is, it looks as if the outfit is missing leggings/pants of some sort.

  5. She looks super duper awesome in both the outfits.

    She has such an innate grace that she carries every outfit with ease.

    Hard to pick a favorite but Bal has always been in my favorite designers’ list.

  6. OMG he looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!! why can’t folks on tv dress like this (ahem, the shilpas, malaikas and te madhuris that go for the OTT blinkattacts)

    Super well put and elegant. GOALS to age like this!!!!

  7. Neetu looks lovely in the Rohit Bal.. Off topic and I don’t follow Hindi tv shows much,but has Neetu appeared on tv shows as a judge previously or is this the first time she is venturing into this ?


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