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Wearing a Raw Mango lehenga, Ms. Gupta attended promotions of her upcoming movie on a TV show. She looked lovely but wish the dupatta was draped just a bit more neatly. A very very minor gripe.

Neena Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Somehow not liking the dupatta here at all. It takes the fun out of the outfit. It needed to be opened up or draped neatly, yeah.

    But Ms. Gupta manages to shine through it all.

  2. It reminds me of South Indian half saree. It’s weird to see it on adult women.
    (Just to elaborate, in some parts of rural south India young girls wear half saree and then graduate to sarees as they grow older).

  3. It’s actually better this way.
    If the dupatta was too neat, it would’ve crossed into the south Indian half-saree territory which is typically for 20-somethings at best.

  4. Neena Gupta’s always been refreshingly original but IMO she gets something of a free pass here coz 1) we don’t see too many older ladies here and 2) her outfits don’t shock with overt displays of skin.
    but objectively speaking, she actually doesn’t dress very well. she’s got a certain chutzpah and she doesn’t seem to care over much about her appearance/clothes, which translates on camera — and which is probably why her appearances are usually a 6/10.
    this outfit… while it’s a change from the bras-and-lehengas, doesn’t really make for a great outing. why not just wear another (inoffensive but unremarkable) saree if you’re going to make a lehenga look like one?


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