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Wearing a Chanel vest with denims and silver pumps, Natasha jetted out of Mumbai late Monday night. But, that wasn’t what caught our eye. It was the over sized Calvin Klein 205W39NYC tote that she carried with her that grabbed our eyeballs.

We can all agree the tote ain’t really practical but we also know that isn’t Ms. Poonawalla’s priority here.

In case you love the tote, it is on sale here.

Natasha Poonwalla

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. When you don’t want to pay extra for additional luggage. I would never be able to find my keys or phone in a tote this size lol

  2. Airline check in: Ma’am do you have any carry on?
    Natasha: Just my tote here.
    Airline Check in: (Chuckles) Ma’am that does not conform to our size limitations for carry on bags. You have to check it in and pay the extra fee.
    Natasha: What kind of a scam is this? Where is your supervisor?

  3. The tote blended (sorta) with the car wheel hubs and I was like what tote? Then I saw the model…then the actual bag.
    That tote needs to be empty to be useful. Cannot imagine hauling such a HUGE full bag without wheels – how awfully impractical.
    Maybe she wanted prove she is so petite she can sit in a bag. LOL @ the seat comment.

  4. Either she is carrying her yoga mat or it is her thaila for carrying the groceries on her way back home from where ever she went on her private plane.


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