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Mrs. Poonawalla has been busy and here are a few of her looks to catch up on. Loved her in the black strapless Alaia instantly. As for the others, I had varied feelings about them. Let’s get to the Moncler x Valentino puffer gown. The fact that she has no idea what she was referencing was a bit painful. In this day and age, especially, if you’re going to dive into fashion, perhaps helps to also research where the inspiration of the outfit comes from and before making captions, ensure you’ve got it right.

Natasha is having fun with fashion and she should sure continue. My pain points though are that, as a spectator, it’s been a lil’ frustrating to see her morph into a cookie cutter version of the thousands of profiles we now see on social media. If I showed her pics to a stranger, would they actually see an individualistic style aesthetic?

Early Natasha outings were so much more fun. She delivered on the international labels but yet you could see a wee bit of her too. My wish for her is with the resources she has, she could totally elevate so many Indian labels and give them exposure internationally by flaunting their designs. She’s got that clout. So it is a bit disappointing to always see her sport the international labels and pepper in a few desi ones every now and then at political events. Alrite, rant over.

Natasha Poonawalla in Moncler x Valentino (left) and Dior (right)

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Natasha Poonawalla in Alaïa and Versace

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Natasha Poonawalla in Alaïa

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  1. The irony and a sad one is she wants to stand out but she actually blends into nothingness because there is individual here any more. Just clothes. Infact, one cannot even see her in one of the costumes. It’s nice when people showcase their natural style and aura. At this point she is a hanger for some fancy clothes. I see the outfits but ever the wearer. Pity.

  2. Having fun with fashion and also being appropriate does not happen with Indian celebs.. Atleast not anymore. Most really have to figure their own fit with fashion. Natasha at times has that little bit edge for dressing beyond, until she falls off completely into try everything at once, end up looking out of place. I. These looks, she’s memeing herself, the black chain dress look and the silver are her best. Whatever her point to dress outrageous, it turns out silly. Stars out of india have varied personalities and are always experimenting fashion with that personality and not copy pasting other regions.

  3. Can someone please share what the Moncler x Valentino puffer gown was referencing? (I promise I googled but maybe I didn’t have the best keywords so found nothing that helped).

  4. Whatever said and done, she is the only Indian who bring such versetile dramatic looks to the table internationally. She might fail in some but she rocks most of them.

    I might get a lot of flak here but I think she looks sensational in most of the looks here.

  5. I am having a hard time figuring out why so much importance is given to Natasha on HHC. She is just a rich man’s wife (let’s call out for what it is) who has access to fashion and the highest end labels. She buys her way through all the top fashion events and is at best a patron of these high end brands. If she was such a fashionista as most seem to think, she would not hesitate to patronize Indian textiles and weaves. As for the “kachina” doll reference, I am not surprised. Why would she know anything about Native American heritage when it’s apparent she barely knows about her native Indian textile heritage?

    • To be fair, I think it’s better that she atleast “buys” the clothes unlike so many celebrities who are wearing what’s been sent to their stylist. Not saying I love her sense of style but the fact is clients like her do make a marked difference to brands (even the big ones) so she clearly is supporting the fashion industry by being a patron. Plus given her exposure and the fact that she chooses to have a public social media (not necessarily something I personally would do but to each is own I guess!) it’s fair game to feature her. Honestly, going by that logic I haven’t understood why Shanaya/Suhana/Navya are featured. Two of them haven’t even had movies come out whilst the other isn’t an actor but what ties them together is they were born into famous families without having any substantial contribution to fashion as an industry. If the blog can feature them, honestly I think Natasha is totally plausible content.

  6. I love her sense of style. Futuristic, does not comply with the usual stuff. I do not understand what it means by “her personaility” needs to shine through? What are the examples of other celebrities whose personality shines through their clothes? I think vidya balan, aiwshwarya rai or konkona sen, their personality comes through their clothes which is great, but they also stick to a certain vibe. How is it possible to experiment with clothes, to be generations ahead and still have your personality to shine through that ? Seems like a tough task


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