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At the Ambani-Piramal Holi party, Natasha was seen in a full-length anarkali by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla featuring a heavily embellished neckline. Instead of keeping it simple, Natasha added more silver necklaces to the neckline, bangles and a silver bag. The resulting high-neck effect felt suffocating to me. Not a fan. Did you like?

Natasha Poonawalla

Natasha Poonawalla

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Holly molly, i thought it was Shenaz Hussain 😛 . Well Shehnaaz hussain will be miffed to see this look done badly, it is her signature style and we wont mind she donning it. 😀

  2. Oh man – I love her OTTness!
    If I were a billionaire, I would dress up so extra all the time too!

    Her thought process seems to be like : Silver – okay, let me show you all the silver in Mumbai/Pune!
    Emeralds : let me dress up in an entire country’s worth of emeralds!
    And so on!

    The anarkali in particular is nothing great. This would have been great without that dupatta or cape or whatever she is carrying.

  3. Lol, no half measures for Natasha! And I actually admire her for that. But I’m sure she needed Sherlock Holmes to find her way out of this ensemble!!

  4. We know you are rich, Natasha.
    Her face looks so different here, cat like n did anyone noticed her footwear? Completely out of place…

  5. She has a ton of over-the-top/very pretty/extremely glamorous clothes and not enough events to go to that warrant that kind of dressing. So she wears them willy nilly at all kinds of nonsense events.

    P.S. Makeup makes her look like Esha Gupta here

  6. Honestly if this was a Diwali party I wouldn’t be surprised because we’ve come to expect maximalism from Ms poonawalla ott as it may be…
    But given this was a Holi party and the guests clearly played by looks of the pics I personally find it distasteful to waste such an expensive outfit and jewellery just for the sake of showing off. I have no issues when she decides to go ott for other events coz hey it’s her money she can do what she wants, but this is frankly wasteful given how sustainability in fashion is of extreme prevalence right now.
    And correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t she claim to be a committed environmentalist as well? Wearing this outfit to a Holi party once which when drenched in paint and water can no way be worn again is not really sustainable…or sensible…

    • So is Leo DiCaprio & yet he was seen at a fundraiser for Biden this week & earlier taking a private jet to & from a climate change forum.
      When they say they’re environmentalists it’s literally just that – them saying things i.e. lip service.
      Perhaps it’s to stay relevant or to balance out any negative press, bcoz the “but look at how much they do for the planet?!!!” argument comes in to play, whilst they comfily avoid/evade paying taxes which could actually change the planet.

  7. Guys, hear me out. Looks like these outfits with layers and layers of fabric and OTTness is what high fashion really is. And it is US who don’t understand it. There is no other explanation why the people of these pages dress the way they do. Really.

  8. You look smashing Natasha. Agree Akaa to tots. If I were a billionaire, I would have done everything OTT. I love the drama. I love crazyness. I live this look. Makes you look “spotted”. Love it. Also, this gives major Gambiasti Valli feels.

  9. She’s such an attention seeker ! Only that can explain the need to be dressed up so extravagantly all the time. Someone please explain to her that ‘ Less is More ‘

  10. I did a double take when I saw this! Wow! She looks like a white and silver cockerel! Imagine it all wet and sticky – I’m having a headache just thinking of getting this outfit and jewellery off me but hey she probably has a bevy of attendants to help her.

  11. She’s beginning to look a lot like Chrissy Teigen. That woman who is on Twitter a lot. I initially thought it was here. As for the look, I guess she doesn’t know any other kind other than “extra”.

  12. I get it now why she wore it for Holi. She wanted to destroy the ghastly outfit by drenching it in colors. How does she even move around in so much fabric and jewlery? Looks like she ditched high heels for chappals. Good choice.


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