In Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and Schiaparelli

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Day two of NMACC opening festivities saw Natasha in an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla long kurta and structured gold sequin cape. This is where we now enter the case of “getting carried away”. In Mrs. Poonawalla’s case, her penchant to do More More More. I, though, don’t like it. Geddit, geddit?

The addition of the Schiaparelli clutch, I don’t mind but those boots had no place here. It just looked ridiculous. She wore them so well though at the label’s presentation with the silk pantsuit. See it inside.

Natasha Poonawalla

Natasha Poonawalla

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. How i wish that kurta to be not that garish.Still i always like Nat Poo’s will to keep pushing the envelope

    P.S. P&P jal ( water) le liye ..thak gaye honge :p

  2. She’s been trying geisha in recent few appearances. This is a Indian version of it seems like. I’m thinking if months are spent in making her looks, cause so much excess altogether.

  3. It’s like she just came out of an emperor’s tomb after looting it…. I kinda get why she wanted to combine these pieces but it doesn’t work in harmony. The Schiaparelli + Sabya she did for the met gala was less chaotic and I think she just wanted to recreate that effect in Mumbai. Unfortunately, there’s no easy place for the eyes to rest. Everywhere you look, top to bottom, there’s something shouting at you for attention.

    That cape would have looked divine with a super simple outfit underneath though. She continues to show that she does have truly exciting articles of clothing, but doesn’t, in alllll these years, know how to truly stylishly out them together. I do think Anaita styled this look, actually, but not sure.

    • Best comment of this series – It’s like she just came out of an emperor’s tomb after looting it. Truer words were never written.

  4. The cape with the hair is fab and represents her personal sense of style at its best (extreme sartorial drama). The issue is I feel like even in her love for maximalism she often doesn’t get where to stop when putting a look together-sure, the line for what constitutes “too much” is subjective and with her resources, it stretches pretty far but surely even she can see how these elements just do not go together? Why mix and match in a way that makes each item look worse when we’re talking about literal couture here?

    On the other hand, her look at the Schiaparelli show is divine-so chic, no harsh makeup and THAT is an example of how you mix and match well by adding that one stand out element (the shoes) and giving it the breathing space to shine. Wish Nat P would take a leaf out of her own book more often!

    P.S. Have you noticed how her best looks tend to be at events where there’s comparatively less press (usually abroad) compared to Ambani/Bollywood functions in India where her photos are gonna be taken far more? I think she feels the need to forcefully play up the drama and have a “most spoken” about look when she knows there’s more media attention although unfortunately this kills the personal sense of style in the bargain.

  5. I assume she does not owe favours to designers and can choose the risks she wants to take, with no image to live up to.
    And with that, she chooses to take fashion risks. I adore her for that.

    • When I said resources I didn’t just mean money, I also meant her contacts and connections in fashion which give her so much to access.

      There are some very wealthy women who haven’t managed to network the way Natasha has-not saying this as a compliment to her per se, just stating facts. That’s what I meant by resources-the overall package, not just “money”.

  6. Yawn. She went for eyeballs and she got them.

    But what’s with her expression in the first set of pics? She looks disgusted.

    Either (a) something was stinking up the venue, or (b) it’s her “all you gareebs, you won’t understand my fashion choices” look.

  7. I took a break from all this…… and went back to vintage Kangana at Cannes circa 2017 or so….and indulged in looking at some fine fine fashion choices. Every inch was perfection. Sigh !!! Beete huye din !!!


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