Of Diwali Festivities

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For Diwali festivities, Natasha sported a Sabyasachi lehenga on one day and an ajrakh print Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla sari on another. She looked good in the lehenga.

As for the sari, the additional zardozi work added just the right amount of glam to the sari. The art and craft lookin tassel work though pushed it into ugly territory.

Natasha Poonawalla

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Natasha just can’t be normal, she has to ruin a look by doing too much. Between the print and styling of the saree and the 90s hair and boob contour in the lehenga, she has successfully managed to kill both looks.

  2. Plus 1 to EllieDee. The AJ saree as is not very nice. Overly bust already and then there are the pompoms/ tassel to mix tribal fusion, and then Natasha’s weird hairdo. And the there is a purse that looks like a bird cage (why Oh why?)

    The Sabya lehenga looks nice, but the lehenga looks so much like a Manish Arora. Not at all true to Sabya aesthetics, so I don’t quite get it.

  3. Sabyasachi tries to really re imagine a saree and takes it overboard.. really the best way to wear or exhibit a saree is in its actual grace and no better.
    The over dramatic first look makes we want to like the second look (lehenga) just for its comparative normalcy in dressing.
    The lehenga looks beautiful but I can imagine a normal blouse with same print and stuff and looking super.

  4. I liked the lehenga, as for the saree a big no…as always Natasha’s style takes an unconventional route, however this time her hair do for both the outfits were a disaster ..

  5. In the first pic it looks like the saree is just so heavy, she needs support to stand straight.

    Money can never buy style. These pics are testament to that.

    What happens to these clothes after they wear them? I’m assuming she owns them but never repeats an outfit so…they just sit in their wardrobes as garish trophies of bad taste and exhorbitant wealth? How sad.

  6. I would be so fearful of someone stepping on the pallu all the while at a gathering, but then again it may help with the six feet distancing 😛

  7. Completely agree with Payal here. The Ajrakh saree with the zardozi work alone would’ve knocked it out of the park. But the genda phool stitched to the border makes it abominable. The lehenga fares a little better but she could’ve made the styling simpler.

  8. The only instance in which that saree would make sense would be if you can’t afford domestic help and need to clean the floor behind you. That’s likely not an instance that Ms. P has ever had to even consider.

  9. I love everything about the lehenga, the colours and the patterns… the chevron stripes are actually a traditional pattern yet they look so modern!
    I just wish the blouse wasn’t so cut so low….not everything has to look like it’s for a Bollywood item song.

  10. I dont see the problem that everyone else is seeing. She looks perfectly fine to me.
    Sure she is a little extra. But then, come on. We are looking at ‘Diwali looks’ for house parties. The kettle can’t call the pot black.


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