In Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla


“Oh Boy!” was the first reaction I had seeing Natasha in this Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla lehenga and no it was definitely not one of those good “Oh Boy!”s.

Between the bright lehenga, that hairdo, the cakey makeup and the choli that was two sizes way too small, everything about this look screamed “evil vamp Soaperstar“! Anyone else think Ms. Poonwalla’s tastes have become too Bollywoodized?

Natasha Poonawalla in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla at Anil Kapoor’s Diwali Party

Natasha Poonawalla in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla at Anil Kapoor’s Diwali Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. She is one person who repeatedly makes me cringe with her fashion choices. Money does not buy class and taste – she proves it time and again. P&P – by calling her choices “bollywoodized”, you are demeaning the industry ?

  2. Finally the gloves are off and the claws come out p&p! this warrants it. Desperate for attention, crazy blingy rainbow lehenga, heavy makeup, beehive hair. Such a distasteful blouse.

  3. Sure has Bollywoodised..her taste, and that’s too bad. She was the only famous fashionista worth considering in India and now that place is vacant.

  4. Natasha , Bachchan family & Bollywood, please fire AJSK . You dont need enough proof to see their designs are horrendous.
    Natasha Poonawala probably lost a Diwali bet and had to cut the cost ( on her choli material).

    • OH MY GOD! I can’t see anymore of these AJSK outfits anymore! So Tacky! Bright colors, hideous motifs, blinding gold & case in point, that beaded back DOES NOT look good!

  5. I just had a eureka moment seeing the outfit again. This MUST be her way of lending support t0 the #peacocknationalbird ? She did to save those peacock tears.

  6. Thaat lehanga by itself is a disaster. Then she piled on all that make up , jewelery and bird nest of a hair do. But the biggest disaster of all is the choli!!! I can see her wearing a low cut choli but a choli atleast 2 sizes small? Dont these rich socialites and their stylists have any sense or did they lose it with their mirrors?
    I would think they have fittings and there are assistants helping them dress and nobody pointed it out?

  7. Appreciate P and P for such a refreshing and honest feedback . Something has really gone wrong with Natasha? How in the hell did she even choose this outfit ? First deepika and now Natasha ..all heading to a fashion disaster

  8. For the first time P&P goes hard with the poonwalas lol !!!
    She looks like a Christmas tree with dozens of lights hanging …. toonish… clownish u name it we have it lol

  9. As I said in another post , Sabyasachi is alive & around making clothes ! Why didn’t anyone opt to wear his designs ? Very bad dressing g by almost every Bollywood ladies this Diwali



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