In Alexander McQueen


At Hello! awards, Natasha wore an Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 gown which she paired with a heady-duty necklace. To some of you the addition of the necklace might be a bit much but, we loved it… T’was such a throwback to the Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 collection.

However, the Farrah Fawcett blow-out and the heavy make-up combined with the necklace was just a bit much for the silk-chiffon gown. Wish she had dialled down the hair and make-up for a home run!

P.S: You may recall seeing versions of this gown on Malaika and Gauri here.

Left: Natasha Poonawala At Hello! Awards 2011
Right: Alexander McQueen Bustier Gown

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. a fuchsia or red dress or gown needs very minimal make up and accessories. This is a beautiful gown, but the hair, choker and make up does not ruin but takes the focus away from the gown.


  2. The Charlie’s Angel (Fawcett era) hair is just a wee bit over-imposing. But McQueen is one of her personal favorites, and this sweeping one is, for me, stylish in its simplicity. In fact, she wore McQ for her bday party recently.




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