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Wearing Alaïa, Natasha attended the Style Du Jour event. Aside from the braided hair, red lip and BV clutch, a jaw-dropping pair o’ Dolce & Gabbana sandals finished out her look.

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Natasha Poonawala In Azzedine Alaïa At Grey Goose Style Du Jour Event-1

Natasha Poonawala At Style Du Jour Event

Natasha Poonawala In Azzedine Alaïa At Grey Goose Style Du Jour Event-2

Left, Centre: Natasha Poonawala At Style Du Jour Event
Right: Buy Dolce & Gabbana Cage Sandals here And The Bottega Veneta Clutch here

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Too many accessories .. Shoulda given all of them a miss and let foot ware be the focus ( I am not digging it.. But that is some statement foot ware. )

  2. Okay, so this is going to be an unpopular opinion. While I love the shoes in the close up, on the feet, I am not so sure. A little messy, maybe?

  3. Everything crazy just seems to work on her…somehow. It’s a very rare quality this lady has. I always have serious shoe envy when it comes to her. And doesn’t seem to look like she’s trying hard. Aah, the nonchalance that comes when you have riches to spare..

  4. Kudos to Ms. Poonawala for always pushing the envelope in cutting edge fashion. Regardless of price, those shoes cannot have been easy to walk in. I give her 2 thumbs up, just for staying upright.

  5. Love the dress and the shoes. Would have kept the hair more simple. Altogether it’s a bit overwhelming. Kudos to her for always trying out something different

  6. She could be wearing the most expensive clothes but nothing about this woman exudes class for me. The shoes are overkill, the dress is nothing special and let’s not even go to the hair/makeup…

  7. She has a lot of money, we get it but do we really need to see her showcase that in most all dos?
    Besides, there is nothing really fabulous about this look. Too many things, too many!

  8. The cage sandals on the model looks awesome. But on Natasha you can hardly see the design/structure and it seems picked off from fashion street, LA. The dress is alright on her because of her tiny waist but has flattened out her chest!

  9. I mostly get Barbie doll vibe from her, I’ve no words to comment on anything she’s wearing, first things first she should let go of that hideous hair color and tan ( I’ve said that before) and go easy on accessories in order to have an outstanding end result.


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