In Gryphon

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Spotted on Ms. Mahtani, a Gryphon sequin tank seen on also on Ciara and Serena in a gold version. Wish we had a bigger picture of Ms. Mahtani to see how she wore it.


Left: Nandita Mahtani at Samsaara Delhi Collection Preview
Right: Gryphon Sequin Tank

Photo Credit: HT City

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  1. I would say Ms Mahtani is looking simply gorgeous. She has the verve and the nerve to carry of all kinds of outfits. Guess it’s a combination of those irresistable eyes, honeyed locks and innocent looks. And gold is her colour anyway. Thumbs up !!
    Also, please do not miss the other lady in the picture, in what looks like a skyblue/ turquoise outfit. That’s Ms Simran Kanwar for you. A TrueBlue fashionista, among top 10 in Miss India 1994 (year of Sush n Ash). Seen little on the circuit but she has a old world charm. Always conservatively dressed, with ‘I care a damm about trends’ attitude. A unique sense of style and the confidence of an ex-beauty queen. Gives a very positive vibe. Check her out in the October issue of Hello! in Delhi Divas.
    Both ladies are very comfortable in their skins. And it shows.

    • Hey buddy !!

      You got it right… i do free PR for all the pretty women of the world… or let’s just say who ever i find pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

      So here’s to all the pretty girls of the world. Yooo hooo !!

      • hahahaaaa how and why would you recognise half face …. “among the top 10” does not make important enough to remember …. haahahahaa carry on with the PR girl…


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