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Wearing a maroon anarkali by Jayanti Reddy, Namrata attended a wedding reception in Feb. Given that neckline, the neckpiece didn’t really belong but I have a bigger issue with the way design on the bust. Not a fan. You like?

Namrata Shirodkar


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  1. I know this is harsh…but she looks terrible. The clothes, the make up, the hair…yikes! Where did the stunning woman who dazzled us in Pukar go??

  2. I miss the old Namrata who looked gorgeous with her simplicity. As someone mentioned in the earlier comment during her Pukar days.

  3. Namrata used to look so nice in those days (and she still can when she puts in the slightest effort) but has started steadily getting into the bad dress mode. For some reason she favors Jayanti Reddy a lot who’s designs are very hit or miss, and then almost always picks through the clearance rack for left over creations that are badly designed and for lack of a better word, looks very inexpensive not at all nice.

    I am all for a casual style, non-dressy/ non-made up mode. That’s a personal choice. But even there one can wear neat, non fussy clothes and still look well put together and avoid the only needs to look at folks like Amala, Parvathy and folks who got it so nicely. I dont get this frumpy and (almost deliverate!) bad dress sense.

  4. Tad unkempt but it’s fine. Don’t expect her to look like she did in her 20s. The clothes look nice but too lose or sizes bigger for her fit. Love the purple and ivory combo.

    • I am a fan, but I have to say this is not a flattering photograph, bad lighting – yes. The hair style is just horrible, the front bangs makes her face square. She looks better with her hair tied

  5. I had issues with the dupatta. It wasn’t draped flatteringly at all. Looked like an unkept bedsheet just thrown on her. Wonder if the anarkali would have looked better without it.

  6. She’s a beautiful woman but in these pics she’s looking tired and down n out. Also I find the pattern on the anarkali very very dated. 90s design with the front tie and loose silhouette. Like someone else here mentioned, looking well put together with the simplest of clothes shouldn’t be so hard, especially for someone with that kind of face

  7. She looks.. I mean it’s a lot! None of these elements go together. The anarkali with the choker with the dupatta with the hair with the dark lip.. the dress is wearing her.

    Let the dupatta go, edit the sleeves to elbow length, wear the hair up in a ponytail, keep the makeup dewy, wear some clear glasses and a cocktail ring for some added funk! May be switch out the heels for some mojaris. Or simply ditch the outfit and start afresh.

  8. She is no longer doing films. Doesn’t seem to care to be dressed up like celebrity. Don”t think she was posing for paparazzi. This is how people that don’t care about makeup turn up at celebrations. She has left her Pukar days long ago and seems perfectly happy with it. Judging her style or expecting it to be like other celebrities is not fair, IMO.


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