It’s Giveaway Time!

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Thank you all for participating and looking at how many of you did, wish we could give one to each and every one of you! Alas, this bag belongs only to one and the person is radhika.

Fret not, we will have another giveaway for you soon in a couple of weeks!

We did not approve a few of the comments because they had outbound links, personal emails and addresses. They were considered in picking the winner though.


It’s Giveaway time and with the help of MyLittleToteShop, we bring you the chance to win this limited edition Eiffel Tower Longchamp bag.

Here are few titbits about MyLittleToteShop.

They provide original brand packaging and paper wrapping.

They only buy French luxury labels (Chanel, Goyard, etc).

They can also help clients procure bags and limited editions that are available only in Paris, France and nowhere else in the world and even provide Free Shipping!

So what do you have to do to win? Just let us know (via the comments section ) the price of this Eiffel Tower short handle tote as listed on MyLittleToteShop. Easy peasy, right?

This one is open only to U.S. Residents and will close Fri, Nov 19th 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Comments with the answers will not be approved until after the contest is over. We don’t want to make it thaat easy! ;)

Longchamp Eiffel Tower Zip

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  1. Hi there! i live in Houston-Texas! LOVE this bag!
    Price of this tote(Longchamp Eiffel Tower Zip) on mylittletote shop is 209 USD

  2. What a find! The website is a great collection. The one you have here is just lust-worthy!

    Eiffel Tower (Medium) Short Handle Tote Bag in Black – Yellow Eiffel Tower – $209

  3. Pleaseeeeeeeeee P & P could you tell me if you are in India or America? I’ve asked many times but never get an answer!

    love ya x

  4. Hey Guys….

    The price of this Eiffel Tower short handle tote as listed on MyLittleToteShop is 209.00 USD.

    Hope you’re having a FUN day!
    ~~Shelly (USA)

  5. P&P………Thank you for yet another contest. I just love the site. The price of the tote i $209 USD.

    Thanks……….Wish me luck.


  6. It’s listed at 209.00 USD. They have only 2 in stock? How many bags are they giving away? And who gets to decide who wins and how? Are the winners announced here on your blog?

  7. Hey,

    Nice that you have a giveaway for ppl living in US. So here it is..
    Eiffel Tower short handle tote is USD 209.00.


  8. Tote price: $189.00 USD … J’adore Paris, just went in September and if I was fluent in French, would have moved from NY immediately. Such a lovely tote!

  9. This Eiffel Tower Longchamp bag is $209 USD on MyLittleToteShop. On sidenote, I love this website and keep up with it everyday. Thanks.

  10. I absolutely LOVE reading ya’lls blog – its so entertaining! Keep up the good work ladies. As for the price of this tote, ain’t it $ 209.00 USD? :)

    • ok there is an update to my answer –
      Eiffel Tower Cabas Tote Bag in Black – Yellow Eiffel Tower – $189
      Eiffel Tower (Medium) Long Handle Tote Bag in Black – Yellow Eiffel Tower – $219
      And the one displayed here-
      Eiffel Tower (Medium) Short Handle Tote Bag in Graphite – White Eiffel Tower – $209

  11. The price of the Longchamp tote is 189.00 USD

    Please something good come out of my staying in the U.S…Fingers n toes crossed…:)

  12. The price as it says on that website for My Little Tote Shop is :

    Have entered before, but i hope this one gets me the win!

  13. Hi! This bag is soooo cute! I want to enter! The price of the bag is $209 USD!!! Yay yay! I love your blog and read it religiously every morning when I wake up!!!

  14. My answer shows its still under moderation. Just typing it out again, in case if I missed it or something went wrong. The price of the bag is 209.00 USD

  15. Its the Longchamp tote for 209$??
    i absolutely love this blog, and check for updates whenever i get free time during the day!! keep up the good work guys!

    • i’m in Europe as well, and I get so excited every time a giveaway comes up here, but I’m quickly reminded that it isn’t open to us :(.

  16. Gals…I have never commented on your blog… but I absolutely am hooked… I have to check ur blog everyday at least twice….love ur posts…

    The answer is $209 :)



  17. Payal,
    Long-time lurker here! I’m in the US and decided to de-lurk because I like the bag! :)

    The price of the bag as listed on my little tote shop website is 189.00 USD. Is this all I need to do t be considered?

    • Leave the answer as a comment. And don’t worry if it says awaiting moderation… We’ll approve all comments once the contest closes.

  18. The price is $189.

    Love your blog… I take a break from life each day to read it and totally relish those few minutes to live in the world of high fashion (vicariously)! I would love love love that bag!

  19. Thanks P & P for the wonderful website. I am addicted to it :-)

    Oh!!Here is the price – 209.00 USD

    I so want that bag!!! Please Please Please…pick my name.

  20. oops mis-read the contest…I initially thought we had to guess the price…looks like the price is actually $189

  21. Hi Pri&Pa (that’s how my friends and I refer to you gals)..

    I believe the cost of that tote is $209.

    Merci beaucoup for the fab opportunity!!


  22. 189 USD. I’m not a US resident, but if i DO win, I’d like to send the bag to my dear cousin in Frisco, so please do consider my entry!

    Thanks so very much, your blog is addictive as hell.


  23. The short handle tote bag is $209 and the long handle bag is $219. I think the picture in your post is the short handle one.


  24. hey P&P

    the tote on the Mylittletote website is priced at 209 USD. it looks totally delish in the black and graphite colors. I live in NJ and would be honored to be a proud owner of any of the faaaabolous items u guys approve :)

    Fingers Crossed

  25. Hi p&p

    love your site and the giveaway..the price of the eiffel tower longchamp bag as seen on the site is 209$


  26. I forgot to mention yesterday when I send the comment about the price of the bag that I live in Boston,MA,USA


  27. awww !! such a cute bag !! i guess the price of this bag is 209 USD, I’m a resident of Richmond, VA, US. hope to receive the bag soon.. :)))

  28. I live in Sunnyvale, USA and here’s my submission.
    The price of this Eiffel Tower tote is listed as 209.00 USD.

    Its gorgeous… fingers crossed :)

  29. Not sure if my earlier comment got posted, since I got a page saying “oh no, there’s been a boo boo”

    so am posting again, sorry if this is a repetition, but really really want that tote :)

    The price of the Eiffel Tower tote is listed as 209.00 USD.

    Thanks- Rachna, Sunnyvale, USA

  30. $189. pick me. i already submitted a showed up previously and now its gone, i hope it didn’t get messed up coz i reallyyyy want this tote :)

  31. Its 189.00 USD!!!

    But nothing for me sitting in Bangalore slogging my asses off in RnD to make biotherapeutics and cure people of cancer!!!
    I never won any gift, life sad almost unfair… :(

  32. Hi P&P,

    Thanks for a giveaway for the US readers!!
    The price of the tote is $209.00…(Fingers crossed, hope I win!) :)


  33. Hi Ladies, just making sure my entry went through, as i didn’t see a “comment awaiting moderation” thing. I love this bag, and hope to be a cool NY mum next year andshow it off! it’s $290 :)

  34. the bag in the picture appears to be navy blue, and the closest thing I can find on the website is the Eiffel tower (medium) short handle tote bag in graphite- white eiffel tower, for $209 USD. Hope i win :)

  35. P&P !!
    The bag is USD209….And its still a couple hours left, i have my fingers and toes crossed for the last couple hours :-)
    lol.. .btw thanks for the tip off on the website.

  36. Hello ladies… The cost of the Eiffel Tower short handle tote bag is US$209.00. I have a baby on the way and I am imagining this as an uber fashionable diaper bag. What do you think?!? A mom’s gotta have style right?