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We love Mumtaz, we really do, but there just is no way to explain that kurti… Leopard print AND Plaid?? Really?

(And yes, that is Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag, if your eyes even went there!)

mumtaz-wth-jun10-1.jpg mumtaz-wth-jun10-2.jpg

Mumtaz Arriving At Mumbai Airport


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  1. on second thots john cud commit suicide wid a mere thot of dressing up like dis…..i knw she hz hd health issues……happns to lot of women of her age bt thr r solutions still of avoiding such looks…..we hv seen better pictures of her!

  2. Did u guys notice she is wearing the same elephant tooth shaped pendant that Twinkle Khanna sported at IIFA in her fuscia dress.. ?

    Priyanka/Payal – Am I right?

  3. isn’t she natasha’s mother? if so that would explain natasha’s fashion sense(less). like mother, like daughter.
    They clearly don’t deserve to have money! I’ve seen people in shanties who are put together better that this “thing”.

  4. aww.. i can’t say anything negative about MOMO.. she was amazing actress and real pretty in her time..
    but she is surviver.. she survived cancer.. and had to deal with cheater husband…and she still her.. alive and kicking:)

  5. nope it’ss not the crescnt shaped but tusk shaped pendant…..dese r a big craze in west these days, once upon a tym they were sold on the streets in india!

  6. dude….what’s going on….fashion epidemic?! I am just a student with meager earnings but I definitely have better fashion than these two mother-daughter combo. These bollywood and Indian celebs have all the money in the world but zero fashion sense. Like seriously…..who let her out of the house looking like this!

  7. i could actually see someone like stella tennant pulling off this shirt. The fact that this shirt was made in such a large size is also bewildering.

  8. I am sorry…but she looks like hooker who just woke up n out for smokin.. with that hairstyle n clothing..bag isnt doing much !

  9. just goes to show…you can lug all the designer stuff you want, but of what use??????even louis vuitton could not save this one…..

  10. My reaction was the same as everyone else in the beginning (total WTHeyy!!) . But I then I noticed that she is in the airport and probably arriving in India after a long flight; maybe this is her comfy nightdress ? :)) Given her health and long flight I think we can let this go (even the crazy hairstyle).

  11. aiyeyayiyaaa!

    @Spee…oh i dont know about comfort. She could have just worn a black top or something. She bought this top in the first place…you have to be bonkers to do that.

    OR maybe her daughter gifted it to her, and mummy dear didn’t want to offend her. lol

    Mumtaz was a style icon back in the day…so it’s obviously she’s really tired, or just not bothered anymore. Coz i do believe that she does have style inherent.

    i bet u all it is Natashha’s fault! LOL

  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa!!!!!!! What Happened to the Girl in “Ek Prem Kahani mei..Ek Larka hota hai..Ek Larki Hoti Hai”….=( Damn..


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